Checking for a null recordset return - C# - SQL

Hello all.  I need to run a check if I return a record from a table based on criteria.  Then I need to say if not rs.EOF etc.  How do I handle that in C#?  Thanks all
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

use xxxDataReader and check the HasRows Property

for example

                  SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("Select * from employees where EmployeeID = 10",con);
                  SqlDataReader dr;
                  dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

                  if (dr.HasRows)
                        MessageBox.Show(" Table has records");
                        MessageBox.Show("No data found");

if you want to itrate the records use

               while (dr.Read())



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There are not recordsets in C#.
There are datasets and there are datatables.
Datasets can contain DataTables or DataTables can be stand alone.

you can check to see if a datatable is empty like this.

DataTable dtDataTable = new DataTable("dtDataTable");
dtDataTable = ###Some code to fill the table with data.###

//To check for NULL
if (dtDataTable == null)

//To check for NOT NULL
if (!(dtDataTable == null))  // or (dtDataTable != null)

//To check for empty table
if (dtDataTable.Rows.Count > 0)

//To scroll through table until EOF
foreach (DataRow drDataRow in dtDataTable.Rows)
     MessageBox.Show(this, drDataRow["ColumnName"].ToString());

If a dataset is used just replace 'dtDataTable' with 'dsDataSet.Tables["dtDataTable"]'.

I think thats it.
Hope I helped alittle.
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