Need to create a DNS zone for a separate domain

Hello.  We have two domains on our subnet:  our main domain (sf-mnhc, which my DNS server is a domain controler for), and an accounting domain, mnhc0.
The accounting domain clients are getting their IP addresses via DHCP from our main domain, but cannot communicate with the accounting domain controler.  Pinging mnhc0 yields the cannot find host error.

I need to add a new zone on my DNS domain (sf-mnhc) for the accounting domain (mnhc0).  DNS is not used or installed on the accounting doamin, I just need the accounting clients to be able to resolve the domain name mnhc0.  I have the accounting domain controlers IP address.

How can I do this?
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starmonkeyAuthor Commented:
I almost forgot:  I need to use the pre Windows 2000 domain name, the FQDN they chose is actually a website.
Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
Setup either a primary zone for the accouting domain
setup cache-only zone in DNS,
use a host file on your clients to point to your servers

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starmonkeyAuthor Commented:
OK, I set up a primary zone in DNS, here is what happened...
The FQDN is, the pre W2K name is mnhc0
I could not get a zone to work for mnhc0, so I tried to set up  This worked, but caused several problems. is our hosted website.  After I created the zone, resolved to the DC instead of the website.  In addition, because our hosted email pop3 server is, my entire clinic lost access to email (same reason, resolved to the DC).

I realy wish the contractor the clinic paid to set up the server gave a bit more thought to the domain name.

So here is what I see as my options, in order of preferance:
1) change the domain name.  The problem with this is everything I've read says it is impossible on a W2K domain.  But if there is a way to do it, this would be my 1st choice.
2) Somehow user the pre-W2K domain name for DNS, mnhc0.  The problem with this is I don't know how to do it, or even if it is possible.  When I try to set up a zone called mnhc0, it doesn't work.
3) Wipe the domain controler, and re-build it with a not-so-idiotic domain name.
starmonkeyAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm screwed.  There is no way of properly resolving the duplicate domain name, and there is no way of changing the domain name without re-building the domain.

I guess the lesson here is to very carefully choose the domain name when building a domain.
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