Notify Admin before Information Store reaches 16 Gb Limit and shuts down

If there a way to have exchange notify the server administrator that it is approaching its 16 Gb limit on the information store. Is this a threshold that can be set? I have set mailbox limits on some users but not all. I want to be notified say when the IS reaches 15 Gb so I have time to shrink it before the service fails when it reaches 16 Gb.

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Well, when it does reach 16GB, this may help...for 1GB.  Exchange SP2 will give you a 75GB limit (WOOHOO!) for Standard Edition.

As for the notification...what I did was created a task to do a directory listing on priv*.* and pub*.* then sent it to a file and used Postie.exe to mail that file to me in plaintext (not as an attachment).  When I got in I would have that information every day.

Microsoft Operations Manager has a similar feature for monitoring these files.  Do you have MOM?

If not...proactive monitoring is the best policy.

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there are probably scripts that can be written to do so but have you tried using the Status and Notifications right from the System Manager. you can check for disk space, not DB size, but you can just figure out how much space will be left if the Db reaches 14GB or so

Sys Manager, TOOLS, Monitoring and Status

also, you may want to auto defrag once a week or so. thie following script will do it, need dismount.vbs

cscript dismount.vbs dismount [servername] "storage group name" "mailbox store name"
eseutil /d "location of DB I.E. c:\program files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv.edb" /t e:\temp.edb
cscript dismount.vbs Mount [servername] "storage group name" "mailbox store name"
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