Setting up a VPN from Scratch


Im am shortly going to be attempting to setup a VPN between sites for my business. This is what i have got

Server with domain called 'myoffice' shall we say. I also have a dlink vpn firewall.
at my other shops they also have a dlink vpn firewall and I want to be able to connect each machine at my branches to my domain on the server via VPN and this will included setting up each remote machine acces to Exchange for email.

Firstly I need to know can I do this. Secondly I am a little confused say in exchange when I am supposed to set the server domain name in outlook on my remote site. How on earth would my remote pc find the exchange server my adding the local domain name.

Also does any one have any idea on a good way of transferring files over VPN automatically on a schedule basis?



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What you want to do wont be a problem although personally I would use a more commercial VPN solution using cisco routers or a PIX firewall.

In your setup the main site would have the Exchange server and a server here would be the active directory domain controller. At the remote site you would simply point to it as the DNS server and it would then handle the resolving of the names so the clients can find the exchange server whatever site they are at.

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There is lots of software available to syncronise files between two network shares (which is basically what you want). One example is
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