Passing control to the uncompressed code in shadow RAM at E000:0000h. What does it mean

Can anybody tell me what this means in easy terms,i used a special card i plugged into a motherboard to test for faults,except i dont no what it means
I got the code message d5: and below is what it means,done all this stuff at college but dont no what it means in easy terms,trying to boot computer,i can guess its a cpu problem,not getting boot code or any graphics.
thanks in advance.
Passing control to the uncompressed code in shadow RAM at E000:0000h. The initialization code is copied to segment 0 and control will be transferred to segment 0
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That is not necessarily a cpu problem; it may be bad RAM or a bad video card, either one will cause no video to be displayed at boot time.  You will have to swap components with good ones to determine what the problem is.
Early in bootup, BIOS code is uncompressed (it's stored in compressed form in BIOS EPROM chip) and transferred to system memory (RAM).  Then control is passed to BIOS copied to RAM.  BIOS code indicates that control cannot be transferred to BIOS copy in RAM.

Likely cause is faulty RAM.  Also could be corrupt BIOS.  Must pass checksum test before control is passed to copy in RAM and extracted, copied code does not match checksum value stored in BIOS.
gio41ukAuthor Commented:
i managed to get it myself thanks anyway, i stripped the cpu down,paste eas very dry,cleaned and reinstalled with new paste and it worked.
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