Associating TIF files with Internet Explorer

I don't know where to put this question, so since IE is installed with XP I'll ask it here.

I have a user running Win XP with SP2.  Her Internet Explorer cannot open TIF files, it doesn't recognize the file as something it can open.  Everyone else can use IE to look at TIF files so I assume that its some kind of driver issue.  

I tried going into Windows Explorer and associating TIF files with IE,  And sure enough, when I double click a TIF file, IE starts up, and gives me the little "I don't recognize this file format" icon in the upper left hand corner.  Picture viewer works ok, it opens the TIF files, but I need IE to recognize them.

Question is, how do I fix this?  

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Greetings, RichNH!

You should be able to see TIF with IE.  Repair IE

Repair or reinstall Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP;EN-US;318378

this is more than likely an issue with IE rather than XP. What version of IE are you running? If version 6 do you have SP1 installed? If not then downloading it should cure the problem.
The problem is probably in the Registry.  Go to this page and download and run the TIFF file association fix:
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Thanks, war1
RichNHAuthor Commented:
I will, but the alligators overran my position on the 8th and I'm just getting back to normal.  This particular task will be attended to (Indeed the user with the problem was asking about it this AM), its just that I haven't had a chance to get into it again since I asked the question.  As soon as I get the chance, the question will be closed and points awarded.

RichNHAuthor Commented:
I've done some additional investigation into this and here is what I've found.

1)  My Windows XP system at home doesn't open TIF files either, I get the same issue as my user described in the base note.

2)  Another user here at our plant who also has XP is able to access TIF files, BUT when you open a TIF file using IE, it uses Windows Picture & fax viewer, not IE.  A third user also has XP and has the same issue as my original user, she can't open TIF files.  So where it works, it works by calling Windows Picture & Fax Viewer.

It would appear that XP doesn't open TIF files on a normal basis.  On some systems, by some mechanism, IE uses Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to look at TIF files.  Whatever mechanism that is it's not installed on my home machine either.  

I've tried a number of ways of reinstalling IE, given by the above links.  None of this worked.

I'm also informed that the original user having the problem DIDN'T have the problem until she installed software from her digital camera that allowed her to view pictures, at that time she started experiencing the problem.  That software was uninstalled weeks ago yet the problem persists.

Anyone know how to get IE to start using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer again for TIF files?

Will associating Windows Picture and Fax view with TIF fix IE's problem?

If the original user did a system restore to before she installed the digital camera software, will TiF work right?
RichNHAuthor Commented:
I've tried to do this but can't find the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as a separate program.  Apparently its actually part of Windows so you really can't associate a file type with it.  That's the problem...  Once the link was broken, its apparently unfixable, at least with my knowledge its unfixable.

I did try to open a TIF file again on my home PC using IE, this time it worked but it used WP&FV to open it.  I don't know....

This entire issue is occuring because we have a VB program at work that is used to navigate documents.  The VB program opens "picture" documents like TIF files using IE.  But it was written on a W2K platform.  It doesn't work when run on an XP platform so that those users getting new systems with XP installed cannot access TIF files, of which we have a lot, customer drawings and such...


>> Anyone know how to get IE to start using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer again for TIF files?

Try resetting the TIF associations to Windows XP defaults, using this tool:
RichNHAuthor Commented:
We found the answer....   There is a free plug in on the web called Alternatiff (  Once this plugin is installed and registered  and the file association for TIFF files is changed to Internet Explorer, IE calls the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to show TIFF files...

Thanks to all responders and for the patience of the moderators...


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Rich, glad you found a way to use Picture and Fax Viewer to show TIFF files.
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