e-mail bouncing since changing ISP providers

I recently changed a companies ISP provider and since then their e-mail is getting bounced around.  I have checked the DNS settings, I have checked the mx record.

I have contacted the new ISP provider and had a PTR record created for the error below, did not seem to help.  Do I need to contact Eathlink?

error "There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server.  Please contact your system administrator.  #5.5.0 smtp;550-EarthLink does not recognize your computer"

The error below on this one I am not sure what to do.  The company said that they have never had this problem before.  Can you give me any suggestions to help resolve all there issues?

error "Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.    error #4.4.7"
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The message from Earthlink is an indication that the server tried to send an email to one of their customer facing servers, not the public facing servers.
Was the previous ISP Earthlink, or someone who used Earthlink's network?

First thing I would do is look for any Smart Host entries that might be pointing at the old ISP.
These could be in an SMTP Connector or on the SMTP VS directly.

ESM, Admin Groups, <your admin group>, Servers <your server>, Protocols, SMTP. Right click on the default and choose Properties. Click on the last tab, delivery and then advanced. The entry for Smart Host should be clear.

If you are using a Smart Host for email delivery via your ISP, change it to an SMTP Connector instead.

Is this outgoing or incoming email?
jayknightAuthor Commented:
to answer simons question, the ISP was Comcast and then changed to EPB.  The customer uses Earthlink's network.  I checked for a smart host setting and it was blank.

to answer eholland99, I am not sure if this is incoming oroutgoing.  Below is an eact copy of an error minus the names

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      Washington, D. C. trip
      Sent:      7/7/2005 10:14 AM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      'First Last' on 7/7/2005 4:22 PM
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <domain.com #4.4.7>

      'name@hotmail.com' on 7/7/2005 4:22 PM
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <bcorker.com #4.4.7>
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Is this happening on every mail that gets sent?  Is it just one or two?  Is there a commonality between the email that are getting bounced?

When you change ISP's usually that means you change external DNS servers as well.  Since you have no smarthost in your SMTP connector that means that you are routing email through DNS.  On your DNS server you need to change your DNS forwarders to reflect the new external DNS servers for the new ISP.

If this is the problem, find out the new ISP's DNS servers.  Open your DNS manager.  Right click the DNS server and click properties.  On the forwarders tab select "All other DNS domains" then add the ISP's DNS servers to the list below.

If that's not your issue please answer the questions above...it might help me.
jayknightAuthor Commented:
I did change the forwarders in DNS and I just checked to make sure that the correct ones were still there.

To answer your other question, it seems like the same 2 people for the #5.5.0 error message going to @mindspring.com (Earthlink)  One of the users is an employee at this location and uses this account alot to send e-mail.  The other error #4.4.7 seem to be the same 3 people (2) of which are daughters of the owners of the company and now their accounts are getting bounced.
Ok, so you changed from Comcast to EPB...what's EPB?  And what do you mean by "the customer uses Earthlink's network"?  Let's start using some made up names.  You have a domain (problem.com).  That domain has how many user accounts?  How many email accounts?  Are all the email accounts set up to send with an email address of (user@problem.com)?  Can outside users send to (user@problem.com)?  Are ALL messages sent FROM the problem.com domain bounced or do some get through?

How many exchange servers do you have?  How many SMTP connectors?

These questions would all help me greatly.

The other thing that came to my mind is this.  Sometimes an ISP will block outgoing traffic on port 25.  In this case you will need to either contact the ISP and have them open up port 25 for you...or...you will have to configure a "Smart Host" in your SMTP connector that uses the ISP's ougoing mail server to send mail.
jayknightAuthor Commented:
ok, this is very confusing so let me start from scratch.  EPB is the Electric Power Board company that is breaking into the ISP (fiber) provider world.

There are 2 domains supported by 2 different DNS providers

problem.com and correct.com

both have mx records (mail.problem.com and mail.correct.com)
both have A records pointing to the (1) exchange server's IP (correct.com)

On the Exchange server there are 3 SMTP connectors
correct.com - primary

Now, also on this day I installed a PIX 501.  There seems to be 2 locations that we are getting these errors from (3 usersfrom hotmail.com and 2 users from mindspring.com).  The @hotmail.com is coming from inside and outside so I am not sure if the PIX is blocking it or what.
Ok gotcha...I really need to know if this is email trying to get in or get out.  You say you have hotmail.com and mindspring.com.  These look like external addresses.  So it looks like you are trying to send TO 3 users @hotmail.com and 2 users @mindspring.com.  If you send to anyone else the mail gets delivered ok.  Am I good so far?
jayknightAuthor Commented:
yes, you are good so far.
Ok, back to the problem at hand....can you do a successful ping and tracert to mail.hotmail.com and mail.mindspring.com?  If not, where does the connection stop?  This might give you a clue as to where the problem is.  If the ping can't resolve, you might have a DNS problem.  If the tracert gets blocked or stopped at your firewall the problem is most likely there.

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Sorry...it looks like the hotmail.com mail server is mx2.hotmail.com not mail.hotmail.com.  Try that.
jayknightAuthor Commented:
ok, it looks like I may have fixed the issue.  A guy here ran into this issue and told me to try this fix.  I ran the fix for the DNS issue and the e-mail seems to be working.  Thank you so much for your help and time.

"DNS query responses do not travel through a firewall in Windows Server 2003"


That's a good article.  Glad I could help bounce ideas around.  Good luck with everything else.
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