SAP in large scale systems

I am using SAP for multiple needs:  Is there any compromise for using SAP in large enterprise systems?

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As per my knowledge, NetWeaver is the option which used for SAP and it provides lot of components and integration for large enterprise systems.
for more details look @ may help you..

anne4mooreAuthor Commented:
But what are the downfalls of SAP for large scale implementations?

some of them that i know...

1. Similar to office suites, they suffer from the same downfalls of other suite type applications. As a suite, they reach a higher level of integration, but their functionality is less than optimal. If a business decides to go the other route, they have more vendors to deal with, but they receive higher functionality from the product.

2. It was clear that the effect that the implementation of SAP on work process had not been thought out in advance by managers. “The point was put across basically that there was no choice, and if there is no choice of implementing the system you work with it. That was one of the major downfalls I think with the implementation of SAP (was) even the people that were implementing it and putting it together didn't realize the impact it would have throughout the company. They would know that there would be an impact but they didn't know how much it would impact, they didn't know how much training was going to be required, they didn't know how it was going to make people have to adjust the way they did business decisions or how they did their day by day, it's just a fact that we had to have the system in place and we went forward from there.

i hope it may help you...


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SAP is designed for large scale implementations and normally there is no problem.

As the implementations get bigger you do have to look at things like archiving, correct use of table indexes and performance issues within your ABAP developments.

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