Changing Properties of an activex control

I am a novice and I have an existing program that I am trying to edit.  There is a dialog box that has several buttons that I needed to color.  I found that I could easily create new buttons by inserting an activex control (Microsoft Form Command Button).  After doing so I found that the buttons I changed would no longer enable and diable during program execution like they were supposed to.  The orignal code had a member variable assigned to the button.  That member variable was a CButton type.  I deleted that member variable and put in one with the same name but a CCommandButton type.  Originally the code called in a function called EnablePBs and the ran that through a code

void CR5KDlg::EnablePBs(BOOL bEnable)


      int nCmdShow = SW_SHOW;
    if (bEnable)
        nCmdShow = SW_HIDE;



I have tried changing the code to m_btnname.SetEnabled(bEnable), but that just causes exception errors.  I am not sure exactly what to do to make this work.  PLease Help.  
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I tested my application with Microsoft Form Command Button and wizard created CCommandButton wrapper class and
in OnInitDialog i called after

CDialog::OnInitDailog;//see that u call that function after  this


and both are working perfectly.check it with a single button first of all the u can identify where the problem is coming from.

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