ASP Versus VB.Net

Hello All,

  I am looking to get a few opinions or Pro's and Con's on ASP versus VB.Net for web development. Looking to design a site that will interface with access backend db. I want to add ability for web users to access data from the db on secure pages once valid users have authenticated and entered site.

What are the major differences with Asp and

Which is easier to interface with access?

Not using SQL only backend bd with front end app. in access.


Thanks in advance...

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asp - regular asp - is a scripting language that is older.

asp with VB.NET - what you are referring to as VB.NET - is more like a programming language.
ASP.NET - with any language VB.NET, C#, etc, is the replacement for old ASP.

Both will interface with access - or any database system - even MS SQL.

I am confused by this line:
>>Not using SQL only backend bd with front end app. in access.

You can't easily have an access front end app on the web.  That is the point of either asp or
RBloodworthAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

Yes I know that Access front end will not work on web. Not trying to use the front end for Web apps just data on Backend.

Can A site be generated out of either of these?

Would ColdFusion be a better alternative to this?  Does ColdFusion integrate asp and vb?

I watched the few demos Macromedia has on ColdFusion, but have never worked with it.
Cold fusion is a third alternative to asp or with

Yes it can do the exact same things.

All of these can create the site you need.

What you really need to look at is:

1) What do you have?  What are you willing to purchase?
2) What kind of coding have you done previously?  If only working with HTML then Cold Fusion will be easier.  If only doing actual programming - not web programming - then ASP.NET will be easier.  I would not use old asp in either case as it is older technology.

In general Cold Fusion is a better choice for faster application development and for simplier web applications.
In general ASP.NET is better for larger object oriented applications for web.

Both can do either of the above, but it will be easier in one than the other.

If you have a shorter deadline and can afford to purchase cold fusion or use a host that has it then I would say do that.

If you have a longer development cycle and a complex project - especially one that needs to integrate with windows like exchange, active directory,etc, and/or already have IIS web server or access to an IIS server, and you don't want to spend more money on the server then go with
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RBloodworthAuthor Commented:
Thanks again .

I have done a bit of html, but not alot. More focused in VB, C, C++, etc.

Actaully I have neither software nor have I priced them yet. Trying to get info together to determine which more meets my needs.

Around here people allways want things yesterday, HA you know how that goes, but not a huge rush to get things going.

As far as simple goes, well the previous projects have started of on a simpler level and end up fairly complex. As far as what is wanted at this time is fairly simple. A basic corporate site with an option for customers to log in and see there (each unique customer) prices on products. The product price data will be the data pulled out of Access.

So fairly simple at the time.

Web server, no don't have one.

IIS, I have IIS that is available in win 2000 / xp.

Explain your terms of "Simpler We Applications" using ColdFusion.


Simpler web applications are things like an ecommerce site, your information - in fact almost anything where you say "the database will be access" can be considered a simpler web application.

Complex would be something where you needed more advanced databases and were connectiong things like Oracle, Active Directory, Exchange all into a dynamic calendering/scheduling app.

If you have IIS already then you by default have licenses to ASP.NET - it only runs on IIS and is included.

Cold Fusion will be an expensive purchase if you are your own web host.

If you have done VB I hear VB.NET is still a large learning curve.  I have done VB but not VB.NET so can't say for sure.
I have heard that if you have done C or C++ you are better off going to ASP.NET with C# than with VB.NET as C# is more like C and C++ than VB is like VB.NET.

I personally have used ASP.NET with C# (I had a C and C++ background as well) and found it not very hard to learn.  But I also had a web background and found Cold Fusion simple to learn....

Things to consider.

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RBloodworthAuthor Commented:

 Thanks for all the comment. What is the going price for ColdFusion?  

Also what is PHP? Is this more of a graphical web editor?

What are the limitations to IIS say running on a Windows xp box? How many users can be on and how secure is it?

Have not done much Web apps. but would like to get into a bit more.

Thanks Again.  Points awarded.

Nope PHP is yet another web programming language like Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, etc.  PHP is more scripting based - more similar to the style of old asp - but it is not considered an "old technology" and will be around for long time to come.  It is mostly used by people who use Open Source software and more often on Linux, but it can be (and is used) on windows as well.

IIS on XP can only host one web site.  Other than that your questions are more complex and should be asked as a new question in the XP topic area:

Cold Fusion pricing can be found here:
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