Creating general address book

We are operating Domino/Notes 6.5.x  I work at a school was thinking it would be nice
if we had a centrally managed (LDAP?) address book of students and parents email addresses that staff
could access via notes, create groups, etc.
I have heard of LDAP, but am not familiar with it.  Is there a way to create such a address book,
if so could you explain how?  Thank you.

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You already have a central address book included with notes that is server based and administrated, but sounds like you are more interested in the LDAP aspect. LDAP can be started from Domino console by typing 'load ldap' (without the 's). Also, find your notes.ini file ON THE SERVER (usually in your lotus\domino folder and make a backup copy (in case something goes wrong). Then edit the line (in the notes.ini file - using notepad or another text editor) that starts with....


It will look something like ServerTasks=Replica,Router,Update,AMgr,Adminp,Sched,CalConn.......

Simply add ,LDAP to the end so it reads more like.....



If you would like to test this ability simply use the following line in the URL of Internet Explorer (replace the with the servers IP or DNS name)....


This will popup a LDAP lookup utility.

Note that this LDAP is not adjusted by each user, this is CENTRALLY controlled like it was mentioned in your question.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
jas4033Author Commented:
I know of the address book that exist with Domino notes, but it is populated with persons registered within Domino notes (school staff).  What I was looking for was a separate book that staff can access that contains the addresses of students and parents.  I am aware that this maybe out of the Domino area was not sure where to place this questions and for me it is related.
OK this is no problem.

You can either use the local NAB on each machine, this would be the easy way to do this, already has groups and such, or for centralized version create a new Public Name and Address on Server based on the StdR4PublicAddressBook template. You can simply copy the current NAB (without docs) if you want. Then be sure to add the new address book to your Directory Assistance (help can be found in administrator help - or here if you ask). You would then change the ACL on the new NAB so that appropriate people could manage the groups, person docs, etc. The people added to ACL can then manage the contents, groups, people, etc, etc from either notes or web. Since the database would be listed in Directory Assistance it would appear in the address lookup when users send mail (regardless of ldap or not).
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Hi There,

Maybe this can help. We have a address book of another company and another of clients. You do use the Std Public address book template. Now when a user wants to view the address book or send a mail and they do a lookup when typeing the address in the address bar, all you do is edit the notes.ini and add a line

names=names, client.nsf, parents,nsf

if you want to put them in a folder on your domino server
names=names, address\client.nsf

Hope this helps.

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
No no no no ...

don't use the old names=... syntax on your server.  It's no longer supported on the server (although it still works)- and hasn't been since version 4.6.2. - you must use directory assistance.
This is from the administrator help, on the names=... syntax :
Note  It is strongly recommended that you use directory assistance rather than this setting to do lookups in secondary Domino Directories.

If you just want to do mail lookup (no authentication), you can use a version of mobile directory catalogs too - the dircat task on the server handles this- it will aggregate several directories into 1 single directory, to use for mail addressing.



Just checking back in, have not heard from you on this for a while (7-8-05). Just wondering if you have solved this or if you may need more help. I am happy to answer any questions or address any issues you have come across.

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