DVD Drive reading CDs but not DVDs. Computer hangs and I/O Device Error message comes when DVD inserted.

My laptop (IBM Thinkpad T23 with windows XP Professional) DVD Drive can read CDs but not DVDs. Whenever any DVD (Original Movie DVD/DVD+R) is inserted, the laptop hangs, and I get a Windows message, 'D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error'

In 'My Computer', under Devices with a Removable Storage, it is shown as 'DVD Drive (D:)' along with the picture of the DVD Drive. But whenever a DVD is inserted, it changes to 'CD Drive (D:)'.

When I right-click on D: Drive and see the Properties, under General tab I see a DVD Drive icon, but it is shown Type:CD Drive, File System: Unknown; In Hardware tab, queerly I see both the Hard Drive and DVD drive listed - and when clicked on either of them, under Device Properties, I see that the 'Location is 0 (0)' for both of them, and that the device is working properly. The DVD Drive is listed as MATSHITA DVD-ROM SR-8175, but below that, under Device Properties, it is shown as 'Manufacturer:
(Standard CD-ROM drives). Also, when I right-clicked on C: Drive and saw the properties, here too I saw both disks listed under Hardware tab with location 0 (0) for both of them again, and that each device is working properly.

In Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager, under DVD/CD-ROM Drives, I see it listed as MATSHITA DVD-ROM SR-8175. When right-clicked on it, in properties, in General tab, I see 'Device type: DVD/CD-ROM Drive' and that it is working properly. In Driver tab, it is shown as MATSHITA.....8175.

I tried Windows troubleshooter and IBM Thinkpad online trouble shooter, but both were saying that the device was working properly. I downloaded all latest drivers for Thinkpad T23 from IBM.com, including the latest BIOS update.

I bought this used Thinkpad T23 from ebay without OS. I loaded Windows XP Pro by myself. This DVD problem has pestering me for the past several days. I am not able to fully do my daily duties, as this is always in the mind. Kindly help me out of this.

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DVD drives have two lasers: one for CDs and one for DVDs.  From what you describe, it sounds like the DVD laser has stopped working.  Make sure you have DVD software and a codec when trying the movie.  VLC (www.videolan.org) is a free version you can try - if this doesn't work, you may need to replace the drive.

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subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
I have Cyberlink Power DVD already installed. After your comment, I also installed VLC.
Problem continues. If there is a drive problem, does it show both hard drive and dvd drive under device properties-hardware tab of either of them? Does I/O device error mean a drive has failed or that there is fault with the connections/jumper settings, etc? I want to make sure that the problem is with the drive before I replace it.
Test the drive with a bootable CD to see if you can boot from it or read files from it.  If this works, then the drive has a broken DVD laser but a working CD laser - this happens enough that it is recognizable.  A drive problem with the laser would not necessarily show up as a device manager error.
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subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
I had previously made a bootable XP DVD (not CD). It booted with that when I was trying to install XP. I tried it again, after your comment and it booted. (It is also booting with a bootable CD).

Is it possible that a DVD Drive, when it has problems, can boot with a bootable DVD but not read DVDs?

I don't understand why the DVD Drive Properties - Hardware tab is listing both Hard Drive as well as DVD Drive; also, in the Hard Drive Properties - Hardware tab, again both the drives are listed. Does it mean any conflict with the drives?
Commercial movies that you can buy should be readable, but the whole process of playing movies involves more than just the drive - the fact that you can boot from a DVD means the drive is good.  Try removing the IDE driver in device manager and letting it reinstall on reboot.  Also check for "upper and lower filters" in the registry, which you may need to remove: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314060
subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
I removed the IDE driver and let it reinstall on reboot. I do not know how to edit the registry - and I'm afraid I may cause serious trouble to the operation of the computer.
However, I have some new info: I installed DVD Decrypter to work with an external DVD burner. When I choose the internal DVD Drive in it and click on Drive-Capabilities,
it shows that the drive can read DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW but not DVD+R/RW and DVD-DL. I tried to find the specs of Matshita sr-8175 on Google but couldn't. But the problem is - it is not even reading DVD-ROMs (Original Movie DVDs) which it should read according to the drive's capabilities given by DVD Decrypter.
Yes, I agree that every DVD drive ought to be able to read commercial DVDs.  Have you tried using a DVD cleaner, in case the lens is dirty?
i am having the same problem with an HP laptop for the COO. Reinstalled and did all that and then started searching. i will keep checking this thread for an answer.
subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
To Callandor:

If the DVD laser/lens has a problem, it should not read even a bootable DVD - which it instantly reads.
Have you checked for upper and lower filters in the registry? http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314060
subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
I shipped the drive to the seller for replacement. If the new drive doesn't work, may be I shall have to see the registry thing.
subhasreddyAuthor Commented:
I got a new replacement drive today from my seller; this time it is a Toshiba make.
So far it is playing DVD movies fine and for DVD+R, it is showing a message that the disk is an unsupported format - this is because as I wrote above, I found that the older drives play only DVD-R/RW and not DVD+R/RW, DVD+/_ R DL. I have not tested it with DVD-R, but I think it should work fine.

Callondor, thanks for trying to help. Your first comment was partly right suggesting me to replace the drive.
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