Coming from PHP: print_r, var_dump ?

Ok, I'm a very-well-versed web developer in PHP and more.  I've got a new job concentrating on front-end coding, but I have to cross over into some back-end as well, but based in Python not PHP.  I'm a seasoned programmer but new to python so expect me to come back with more questions =)  For now:

PHP has functions that let me easily see the contents of any array, object, etc, etc.  Any variable in fact.  I am speaking of print_r and var_dump . I am aware that at the interactive prompt I can just type a variable name and generally get the same thing, but how do I do that from within a script?
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To see a string representation of x, use:

print x


print repr(x)
arantiusAuthor Commented:
I'm running (for now) PSP based web pages.  Print doesn't go anywhere.  All I can do (that I know how to do, yet) is req.write() which dies if passed anything besides a string.  This executes:


But displays nothing.
>This executes:
>But displays nothing.

If it displays nothing it means your variable form has no string representation. What is it?

If it's an object of your creation you'll have to define a __repr__ method.

If it's a python datatype it should display something, even repr(None) displays "None".


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arantiusAuthor Commented:
It's rather long ago for me to remember exactly.  Almost certainly the "form" object.  Probably the stuff I got back for cookies, the objects I got trying to parse XML.
arantiusAuthor Commented:
Not really answered but let's close this 3 month old Q.
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