Windows Messenger 5.1 - Need to Permanently Disable .NET Passport Account Capability


I'd like to be able to use Windows Messenger 5.1 on my corporate LAN and only allow Exchange accounts to login. I want to permanently disable the .NET Passport Account from being able to login. I know I can go to options and uncheck the checkbox, but I want something that will stop the user from being able to change it themselves. I'd prefer a registry change or something along those lines. I already blocked port 1863 at the firewall level, but it just uses one of a multitude of servers running on port 80. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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I assume that these clients are on your Active Directory environment.

Download the LCS 2005 trial (
 Within that trial is the LCS 2005 Admin Tools.  Run the setup and install the LCS 2005 Admin tools (DONT run forestprep, DONT run Domain Prep, etc).

There is a template called RTCClient.adm, which is used to manage Windows Messenger.  Within that template are settings, both User Configuration and Computer Configuration, which can prevent connection to .NET and Exchange,
and even SIP.  When configured, the options for .NET and Exchange will disappear from the client.

This template is located in your %windir%/inf directory (generally C:\Windows\Inf) on the workstation or server where the LCS 2005 administrative tools are instaled.

Copy this file to the C:\windows\inf on one of your domain controllers (it really does not have to go there, but it is easier if it does).

I prefer to create a new GPO, remove all of the other templates, and then add the RTCClient.adm template.  ...not a best practice, just a preference.  Go in there and disable access to the .net messenger.

Note:  This only works for the workstations on your domain.  This will not work on a home user's PC.



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funkyjoe1Author Commented:
Thanks, Bob.

This sounds like the answer I'm looking for.

Could you elaborate on exactly how I should go about creating the GPO and loading the template? I'm having trouble with that part of it.

I downloaded the demo, installed the admin tools, I have the RTCClient.adm in the inf directory of my WIN2K DC. Then using the GPMC on my XP workstation I create a new GPO. From there I'm looking to load the template, but can't figure out how. What am I missing?

Technically this is a question for the Windows T/A versus the Exchange Server T/A...but that's an easy answer because Daniel Petri already documented it.


funkyjoe1Author Commented:
I finally figured that part out right before your link to Mr. Petri's site.

Your response was perfect. It works great. Thanks!
Good deal!
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