URGENT! Need to extract mail messages from .edb and .stm files (exchange 2003). The operating system is totally gone...

Does anyone know a utility that I could use to extract the mailboxes from a 12 GB priv.edb file and a 5 GB priv.stm file? I have all the log files for the last 6 months as well.

Is there a way to import the files to another exchange server if I build it?

Can ExMerge be used in some way?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You...
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Without actually standing up an environment with the same Exchange server name...

The best tool for this is the Ontrack Power Controls utilities.  They are not cheap, that is for sure.

You could always try to reinstall your Exchange server with the /disasterrecovery switch....and then Exmerge out the mailboxes.
This thread may help...


I think what flyguybob suggested with OnTrack is best.  $1500 though.  Ouch.

no matter what you do, protect those edb files

i have used power controls and have noticed that simply openening an edb file with it will modify the file slighty (i have no idea what it is modifying, but that can't be good)

make sure you have backup copies of those edb files, you should have 1 set that never gets touched, and 1 or more sets that you are working on to retrieve your data.

there are numerous places out there that can restore data from edb files.  ITCExchange is a member of EE and does this kind of thing commercially, there is also http://www.edatarescue.com.au/ (which will do international work), or you could always do it yourself.

if your edb files are not corrupt, it is probably best to try and build another server (maybe on a desktop) and restore it there

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There is another Austrailian company that does data rescue for around $250. ...I have them in a previous post...lemme see if I can find it.
I can't find it, sorry.
a google search on "exchange data recovery" brings up bucketloads of responses, i am sure there is one local to you there - this will only really be necessary if your database files are corrupted though (or if you cant be bothered)

as for your other question about how would you rebuild the server yourself, information on doing this is available here

http://computerperformance.co.uk/exchange2003/exchange2003_backup.htm (links at the bottom)

good luck


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MichaelnJackieAuthor Commented:
Wow. Lot's of good suggestions. Thank you.

My intention$ are to recover the mailboxes without having to spend any money. I guess I will be rebuilding the server this weekend so my boss doesn't castrate me on Monday. I'll let you all know what happens.
like i said, hold what you got

recovering data from exchange is a battle, you are on the defensive now

make sure that you have a backup copy that never gets touched, that way if it all goes pear shaped and you cant rebuild it, you are not going backwards.

if you dont protect the limited data that you have now, the worst that can happen is that you will lose it all forever.  if you do protect it now, the worst that can happen, has already happened :)

i learnt all this the hard way, and killed my companies (internal only thank god) public folders (which was still important).

this is a time i like to remember by my personal record of a 55 hour shift to get it back, of which i was only half successful.   ahhhh the good old days.

i wish you better luck than i had back then, although thinking about it, i have been through a good 4 crashes since then (on various sites, my servers are more stable than that :P) and have not lost a thing in any of them, simply though good backup procedures and good damage control.

good luck

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