Free / Chap Antivirus for Windows 2003 Server

Hi there, I have a Windows 2003 Server and I want to install Anitvirus software.  I tried to install Norton, but it wouldn't install on a server machine.

Is there any free/cheap basic antivirus software that can install on a server for basic protection?

Thanks in advance!
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AVG7 by GriSoft is FREE for home users.  See...

There is a license fee for a version that works with servers.
Also there is an open source AV:

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be aware that clamwin does not do realtime scanning although there are several (lots actualy) of other open source programs that interface with clam to do things such as scanning incomming e-mails etc.

I use AVG7 on my home PC and dont have any problems
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mediapandererAuthor Commented:
Clamwin sounds great, thanks!
mediapandererAuthor Commented:
Mrkaras - Where can I find these programs to interface with clam?

go to and use the search on the left to search for clamAV or clam or virus or antivirus, the results will be at various stages of completion, some ready to use and some still being designed. also some of these will probably not run on windows (they may be for linux or another OS). There is even a realtime scan project although it has not yet relesed any files. ther arn't quite as many as i thought but still worth a look.
mediapandererAuthor Commented:
Sounds good, thanks a lot!
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