Cisco 837 Web setup problems

I'm having problems with the web setup on an 837 router.

Setup page comes up OK, but there is an applet window that says "checking the router model, IOS version and IOS features.

This keeps running and running until it eventually comes up with an error saying it cannot comunicate.

The laptop connected directly to the router has no firewall on.

Any ideas?

Failing this, how can I reset the router to the factory defaults?  (bit of a newbie here)

I can connect OK via a console.  

P.S.  This is a used router, so I have no idea how it's configured
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To reset the router to defaults from the console connection:

router#write erase

Try the connection again after resetting the router.  You'll need to assign an IP address to an interface and make sure the command "ip http server" is in the running-config (should be as its the default).

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<P.S.  This is a used router, so I have no idea how it's configured>
If JFred comment does not work for you or if you would like more info --

Try this previous EE solution:

You'll need to register at

You'll need the flash image:

a TFTP server

and follow the recovery procedure at
middletnAuthor Commented:
Thanks. will try the above, but I cannot for the life of me find the web setup software on the Cisco site.

P.S.  Have an account and support contract with Cisco, but they're not very helpfull
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