SBS 2003 - DNS settings for Exchange...

I have a domain registered and hosted with

I am running Exchange server on the Small Biz Server 2003.

I need email to come to my exchange box (which has a live IP on the outside interface)

I need web traffic to go to the site hosted by (not going to host the web site on my box)

1) What DNS settings do I need to change? Do I change the MX record to point to my live IP address of the server's outside Nic?

2) What about the 'A record' I need to change that also?

3) I created a sub domain called '' and would like to have the users be able to get to Outlook Web Access or Remote Web Workplace by punching that into their Internet Explorer address bar... what records do I need to change to make that happen?

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1) you can set your mx to be the IP# of your SBS server live IP then mail will be delivered

2) Your a record gives you an address that can be used, say with ping, etc.  if you want someone to go to then just have the A record with the IP# of the destinatation, and no machine name.

What I like to do (and what you want from part #3) is setup mx record to go to, and do an "a" record then of hostname mail and point that at the live IP# of your SBS server.  This solution would be a little bit better if you want to use OWA, as you need a site to connect to.  At least then its



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Oh, you don't need to create a subdomain called, just an "A" record for

You would want to get into subdomains if your doing,, etc

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