WRKDSTQ name and Conroller name.

In the WRKDSTQ. I have lists of queues that are working properly. is there way of finding the name of the queue with associate controller?

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A qualified "probably". Most of the SNADS stuff was built in before IBM started supplying significant APIs. When the AS/400 was originally announced, IBM specifically marketed it as a business system that needed no systems programming, and they provided very little to assist with such programming. The _only_ way to access info such as you want was to write MI programs.

The later releases of APIs were staged so that various fundamental functions were first, with various directions for further APIs depending on what program products IBM sold and requests from 3rd-party developers for applications that could be sold. IBM didn't even support any form of MI programming for quite a few years, but it was quickly learned that it could be done pretty much the same as on the previous System/38.

Since IBM sold the OfficeVision products that helped manage SNADS, they never got around to releasing APIs to help with it. Too many other APIs were needed. When IBM got out of the OfficeVision business, TCP/IP was the rage.

So, things such as distribution queues have remained obscure and directly available only to MI programmers who knew the internal object types and relationships between them.

Now that SNA support itself is announced as on the way out (without installing a new product to support it), it's _highly_ unlikely that there ever will be any programming functions beyond what's already available.

AFAIK, there is no high-level-language access to distribution queue objects. Unless you enforce naming conventions, you can't know the relationships.

Hi Racerx080,

As mentionned by Tom, I don't think what your looking for is possible.

WRKDSTQ is manage by QSNADS from IBM and can be redirected to Ethernet card or modem line depending of your definition... So it could go by network or dialing to another AS/400...

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