vertically aligning text in a datagrid

i am making a datagrid with  the text automatically centers in each cell, vertically.  how can i make the text stay at the to of each cell?
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Add ItemStyle-VerticalAlign="Top" in the DataGrid tag.
For any language, often changing font to fixed, rather than proportional can help, especially if a column has a field that is formatted. Courier is my preferred, but there's other notions for doing in with html output.

>  how can i make the text stay at the to of each cell?

oh (oops) I think I bow out. I've never liked it at the top, never. Bottom maybe. When the first row runs too close to subtitles, my eyes have trouble picking it out. I also recommend text aligned left and numerics to right. Only center subtitles or fields having fixed length and fixed font. This wouldn't be homework, would it? Durn teachers.
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This is not appropriate for this community.

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Go to the design pane (where the page is open in design mode as opposed to the HTML Source),  Click on the datagrid, click "Properties Builder," or right-click the grid and then select "Properties Builder."

In Properties Builder, in the left pane, click "Format."  In the middle pane click "Items."  Expand items. Highlight the item you want and set the format in the right pane.  You can do the same thing with "Columns."  When you pick "Items," you are making a row-wide selection.  When you go through columns, you can format by column.

If none of these work for you, you can bring the data into your code, using

        <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, [DataName], [Format String]) %>  

and then format it and return it to the grid.  If you want an example of that, let me know.

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