Windows XP Pro Strange Network Problems

I have 6 XP Professional Computers in my office. I am a network engineer. I have setup the computers for file sharing in the following way.

1. Each computer has a login account and password
2. Each computer has "Simple File Sharing" disabled
3. Each computer has firewall disabled
4. Each computer has the C Drive Shared with full access permissions to the Everyone group.
5. LMHost and Netbios Defualt settings are checked
6. Each computer is a member of the workgroup LONGWOOD

I have mapped a drive on all computers to the shared C drive on each computer. Some of the computers give me an "Access Denied" error message when I try to open a folder from the mapped drive.

Also on some of the computers, when I go to network places and click on "Show Workgroup Comouters" I get the error message "You may not have permission to use this network resource... Access Denied"

What is causing these strange network erros. I AM NOT CONCERNED WITH SECURITY. Should I enable "Use Simple File Sharing" anbd remove all user accounts. I just want to be able to share all my files successfully on a peer to peer XP Pro network.

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jtwoods4Author Commented:
Sorry, need to mention that NETBIOS IS "ENABLED" and all computers are using static IP addresses.
If you're not concerned with security - then on each system...
Network Access: Let Everyone's permissions apply to anonymous users - Enabled
Network Access: Sharing and Security Model - Guest Only
jtwoods4Author Commented:
I made the suggested settings on each computer. Each computer has the guest account activated and also has the users account with no password. I still get the error message when trying to access files on another computer through Network Places or Through a Mapped Drive. Message is "You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the admin of this server to......"

When I shared the C Drive on each computer I included the Everyone group with full permissions... still no luck

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I'm headed out for about a half hour - till I get back see if my 'how-to' here helps:

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jtwoods4Author Commented:
This is a work around that I am using for this issue.

1. I create an account called share on all the computers with the same password on all the computers
2. I log in on all the computers with the share account
3. No more access denied

jtwoods4Author Commented:
I am not sure why windows will not share properly using unique accounts on all the computers. All the permissions were in place.....
Change that sharing and security model back to classic.
Then set up the accounts as you want and try connecting (they don't have to be the same password) - make sure the same accounts are on each computer tho.

Then try connecting from Computer1 to Computer2 using the following:

NET USE \\Computer2\IPC$ /User:Computer2\jtwoods4 Password

If successful, you're in the home stretch - post back with the results..
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
when you set permissions, you set them on both the folder AND the share? each has different permission sets, so you need to allow everyone full acess on both the folder security permissions and network share permissions. Also might want to check on inherited permissions to the directory and it's sub-dir contents.
jtwoods4Author Commented:
I assigned the points but the issue was only resolved with a work around.
jtwoods4 - did you want to proceed with resolving this without the workaround?
jtwoods4Author Commented:
It would be nice to know the real problem. My other XP offices are setup with unique user accounts on all the computers and can file share with no problem.
No need to accept this if it's not what you want...
If you want to pursue it, then we can get it working.
Did you set the policy to Classic and create the accounts on all systems?
Can you ping between workstations?  
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