small func: convert from to c#

   Public Function NTUserID() As String
        Dim sId As String
        Dim strMsg As String
        Dim ipos As Integer
        sId = Request.ServerVariables("logon_user")
        ipos = Len(sId) - InStr(1, sId, "\")
        sId = Right(sId, ipos)
        Return sId
    End Function
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alldayAuthor Commented:
the Request.ServerVariables("logon_user") returns me


i just need >>> mJohn
Jeff CertainCommented:
string logon = Request.ServerVariables("logon_user");
Jeff CertainCommented:
oops... forgot about the indexes..

string logon = Request.ServerVariables["logon_user"];
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alldayAuthor Commented:
logon.Substring(logon.IndexOf("\")+1);  <<<<--GETTING ERROR  : Newline in constant

Note the double slash...

...hope that solves it.
alldayAuthor Commented:
i did try with double slash too but it does not  return the desired result

for an example:

i'm getting logon_user  -- US\UserName

i want to trim "US\"

and get the only UserName

when i use the double slash it does not trim "US\" rather it gives me "US\UserName"

hope im clear


allday, try:

// Get username
DomainAndUsername = ...
string UserName = DomainAndUsername.Substring(DomainAndUsername.IndexOf(@"\") + 1);

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