Progressive Load on an ASP / SQL Query?

I've got an ASP (VBScript) page that I'm doing a SQL query on, and it takes a while to complete retrieving/displaying all the records, so I'd like for the first part of the page to load, and then show the query results after they come in.  I've seen this done on ASP pages before.  How would I do this?

Thanks in advance!
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It's done using the response.buffer and response.flush methods.
if you set response.buffer on the first line of your script, you can then call response.flush to send what's already in the response stream to the browser:

response.write "some quick stuff"
response.write SomeSlowMethod()

You do have to be a bit careful about not flushing things like half a table or something to the client because things like that will render in a weird way
response.write "<table><tr><td>quick stuff"

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Just to add to this. Tables generally render all at once, so if you want to render progressively, you need to split the table up. A good way to that is to include a counter in the code that you use to create the table rows, and then close the table and create a new one everytime it reaches a certain number.

The response.flush code is only necessary if you are using response.buffer - if you are not, which is the default, you can remove the flush line from the code below. You can tell if you are, by write clicking on teh page and clicking view source as it is loading. If you can see half a table in there, then it it not being buffered.

Heres an example in Pseudo Code

dim x = 1
response.write "<table>"
for each Record in recordset
    if x mod 20 = 0 then      'every 20 records (in JScript this is if(x % 20)   )
         reponse.write "</table>"
         response.write "<table>"
    end if
     Response.Write "<tr><td>" + record("Name") + etc + "</td></tr>"
     x = x + 1
end for
response.write "<table>"

Finally, the only disadvantage of this, is that you need to size all the cells of your table to make sure they line up (either using percent or pixel widths). If you leave the cells to size themselves, they may be different widths depending on the content in each individual table.

Any questions, please ask

I should add, when i say tables usually render all at once, i mean in the browser. tomvergote is addressing a possible problem with the data being slow in getting from the server to your computer. I'm addressing a possible problem with your browser waiting until it has all the data until it draws the table. Which the correct solution is depends on your problem (though i believe that firefox displays tables before it recieves all the information, so if your page renders faster in their, then my solution would be the way to go for sure.)

mediapandererAuthor Commented:
I love it!!  Thanks a bunch!  Alex thanks a lot for your trick too...I'm not running into this now but will keep it in my bag of tricks.

Thanks again!
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