Interbase thin client installation package

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Now that I have created a delphi application that accesses an interbase database, and now that I have been able to access the database over the internet, I would like to make an installation package so that any user on any machine can install my application. If interbase client was never installed on a new machine, what would I need for a new user to install on the new machine?
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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
I think you just need gds32.dll

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will the installation includes the db files? or just db connectivity to interbase?

if u use IBExpress or someother interbase components, the new user dont need any interbase files, because its pure raw tcp/ip connectivity

if ur apps need interbase db server in every user, like nickupson said, they need gds32.dll. read up on embedded interbase/firebird
If you are using non ODBC/JDBC connection only file you'r application need is gds32.dll in the application directory or ..\<system32>\ folder (works also fine with wine on linux). Do not forget to open tcp/3050 in you'r firewall or to forward that port rq to the database server IP.
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