htaccess redirection

I have a document root directory with several files but no index.html

there is a flash document called "affc.swf" and a site called "TMP1048014174.htm".

when the user enters the url that points to that directory I want the flash movie to show up and after that the .htm site.

a only have accesss to that directory. no confuguration files.
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> ..  I want the flash movie to show up and after that the .htm site.
write a index.htm which calls the flash and then redirects to the other file
redirection could be done in META tags or with any active scripting (like JavaScript)
SWB-ConsultingAuthor Commented:
And whyt should the index.htm look like?
SWB-ConsultingAuthor Commented:
And what should the index.htm look like?
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something like:

<html><head><meta-equiv="refresh" content="30; url=http://www.your.tld/index.html">
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="your.swf"></script></head></html>

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SWB-ConsultingAuthor Commented:
it does not load the new page
Probably you need to check what is the default page specified for your website. This could be anything like Default.htm, default.html, Default.asp, index.htm, index.html and index.asp. One can specify in which order these files should be searched on the directory. The above list is not complete. An administrator can specify anything which he can think of. Try renaming your default page to any of the above names, if still it does not work, it is better to get in touch with the administrator and find out what is the default page setup for your website.


Assuming your site is using Apache for a webserver, you could place a .htaccess file in that directory with the following line:

DirectoryIndex    index.html

You can replace 'index.html' with whatever page you want to be the default.  
> it does not load the new page
you either mis-typed something somewhere
or your browser behaves strange
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