Is DOS the answer to security concerns?

If I get enough GOOD answers, I will raise the points at this question...

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imo yes.

If I need to remove stuff, find stuff whatever I find DOS much more usefull than windows.
It allows me to use the switches in stead of checkboxes which are scattered all over a gui.
Thus making it more effective.

Also DOS is not dependant on a GUI which can be fooled like windows.

So imo it does help.

Though working solely through dos is unconvieniant and illogical.

So it's a good secure ADDITION.


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I think using DOS as a security measure is a bit like removing your network card and your keyboard; it makes your computer next to useless but almast impossable to have any unortherised access.
that said i do frequently use the DOS prompt to run command line applications mostly though because there is no gui version avalable for whetever i am trying to do at the time aswell as ocasionaly to overcome a problem or lacking in the gui.

kind of aggreeing with kneH: working solely through dos is inconvieniant and illogical.
I agree with both of the above.
From DOS 6.2 on up (whatever vendor) the networking is not that bad, locally. With nearly all security problems deliberately incorporated into windows and windows applications, DOS is definitely more secure, from outside of your location. Within your location it will be less secure, concerning access to files, authentications such as logons and passwords, so maybe if you cannot trust your own family then it would not have some security features that you'd like.
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sysandprogAuthor Commented:
Please make your responses at the linked question.  That is the one that will have increased points.
sysandprogAuthor Commented:
So much for pointer (redirect) questions...
sysandprogAuthor Commented:
I am increasing points to reward the experts who answered here and provided useful insights.

Even though my question was meant as a pointer to the other question, I do appreciate the responses and opinions.

Btw if you really want I'll copy paste to the other q too ;)
sysandprogAuthor Commented:
kneH and other responders,

At the other question I really was NOT asking whether or not using a SHELL on top of DOS was a desirable approach to Internet activity.  Instead, my question was a HOW TO DO IT thing.

The purpose of my idea is to give CONTROL back to the HOME computer users, NOT to advance the careers of computer programmers who want to make money pandering to the agenda of those who control our lives in government and the market place.

When we lived for a short time in Australia, the government TAXED our use of television!  To me, anything that radiates into the air is "fair game", and belongs in the public domain.

Many of us DON'T WANT all the bells and whistles that are being forced on us.  Instead, we want the capability to get TEXT ONLY email from our friends and TEXT ONLY news and weather reports.  It would be nice to be able, also, to participate in TEXT ONLY bulletin boards.

For this freedom to choose, we are willing to sacrifice such things as smooth transitions among executable programs.

I don't think any of the responses so far at the other question demonstrated ANY experience with 1dirPlus, or ANY other menu-driven SHELL program.  Basically, 1dirPlus had a hierarchical menu system that allowed one to move from menu to menu to get to the nitty-gritty task of editing the world-famous orginal novel.  It was fast and easy.

So, if you can stick to the question as presented there, do feel free to post your thoughts on HOW TO DO IT, leaving any thoughts you might have about my sanity or maternal ancestry out of it.
I know I had a DOS web browser at one stage, i had a built in dialer (can not use windows dial-up without windows)  and suported ssevral typoes of images. I don't remember thge name or where to get it.
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