Refresh window from other

I have a window which is opened in the follow way:
onclick="'edit_routes.php','Route','location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,top=0,left=0,height=700,width=1000'); return false;">
From this window I open several more windows.  I need the first window to refresh when one of the child windows reloads, which is simple using the parent.refresh action.  My problem is that if a window which is NOT a child window of the first window needs to refresh it, I cant seem to make it happen.
How can I do this seeing as the first window name is 'Route'.
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From first child opener.location.reload();
From second child opener.opener.location.reload();
From third child opener.opener.opener.location.reload();

and so on.

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or, from anywhere you can do this:"","Route").location.reload();  // assumes the "Route" window is already open
maundedAuthor Commented:
I can see the logic behind that, but if the child window is not actually a child eg
windowA opens WIndowB
WindowC opens WindowD
WIndowsD needs to refresh WindowA
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maundedAuthor Commented:
ACtually the second solution works well, but if the user closes the Route window, refreshing the child opens a blank window...can we do an "if window is open" type of javascript isnt very good :)
each solution has strengths and a weaknesses, and a weakness of the second solution is that you can't pre-check for the existance of the window (at least I don't know how to do it).  
maundedAuthor Commented:
Then is it possible to call the location.reload to the window by name?  Something like window['Route'].location.reload();
no, you have to get a handle to it first, and to do it by name the only way I know to do it is what I suggested above.   Maunded's solution will also work, but you would have to be explicit in terms of the number of parents (openers) you need.  Plus then you could test to see if it is open or closed like this (for example):

if ( opener.opener && !opener.opener.closed )
maundedAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks...the first way was the best in the end for me.
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