Connecting to PC Anywhere thru a DSL

I have a DSL router & a PUBLIC static IP address assigned from the ISP.   I need to PCAnywhere into a workstation on the LAN which has a PRIVATE IP (  
In the DSL router, I forwarded ports 5631 - 5632 to IP#

I checked the HOST on the workstation & it is still set to use the default ports 5631 & 5632.

I can get into PCA from the local LAN (any address), but not from anything on the public side of the router.  This used to work, but the router died & the ISP sent me a new one, which I thought I setup just like before.   I am 99% sure that no other settings (workstation, IP addresses, etc) have changed, so it must be something I'm doing wrong in the router setup.

Things in the router I don't know what they do.......
  DMZ host IP address  (says it's for online gaming & Internet conferencing)  (it's off, if turned on, it wants an IP address)
  Dynamic Routing  (was off, but I set it to "Both Version 1 & 2", still doesn't work)
  NAT (is turned on, it says not to turn it off unless directed by ISP)
  Static Routing  (no entries)

I am 400miles from home & can't go home til it's working, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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You need to configure a NAT rule through your firewall for ports 5631 & 5632

What is the router make and model

TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
It's an ActionTec 1524SU.   I thought NAT was for translating PUBLIC IP's to PRIVATE IP's?
Yes you are indeed correct but you should be able to create a NAT rule that includes a port
so - =>
have you tried re-booting the router? Or even doing a soft reset, checking their website for the latest firmware, updating if required and re-configuring it.
Have you checked with the ISP that they allow these ports across their network???

I have just looked up your router on a few sites and afraid to say allot of people find that its a very cr*p device.
It may be quicker and easier to buy a diff one and flog that one on ebay!

Here's one guys view on the router,9309912~mode=flat

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TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
I have rebooted, reset & checked latest firmware.  Have reset it to factory defaults several times & re-config'd it.  You might be right on it being a piece of junk.   I'll go read the link on the router.  I had to come back to Texas, but am going to have to go back to NM in a bout 10 days.   Will work on it more then.  
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