How to iterate thru all user settings

My app (VB.Net 2005 Beta 2) has an options screen which allows the user to change their preferences. Typically, each setting is bound to a checkbox or radio button.
How can I check if a particular setting has been changed?  (I don't want to put code under every control.)
How can I iterate through all user settings to check if any have changed?
Ideally I would like a generic routine something like...

For each UserSetting in My.Settings
  if UserSetting is different to SavedSetting then
    ChangedFlag = True

Maybe I could get the original settings in the form load, and compare to the final settings in form close. Which objects would I use to do this?

I am specifically after code samples here.  Thanks, Alister
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AlisterNAuthor Commented:
In case anybody is interested, this is what I have found...

Dim stn As System.Configuration.SettingsProperty
For Each stn In My.Settings.Properties

Note that to get the VALUE of the setting you need to access the Item property of My.Settings. I would have thought that the value of the setting should be available with stn.Value.
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