How to build server side session in a Delphi ISAPI like the way you do in PHP

Hello dear experts :

I'm building a Web Application, to be more specific an ISAPI module (W2K/IIS) using Delphi 7.
I've been programming for long time under Linux/Apache using PHP. The problem is that I don't
know how to use server-side sessions in Delphi, as I do with PHP, to carry several values attached to a user session.

I been trying to use INI files to achieve the same result, and It works more or less fine, but I know that Delphi
is very fine, and well designed programming language (more alike ADA than Pascal, but is just a point of view)
and I want to know the correct way to implement this server-side sessions.

Some sample code would be very welcome.
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
try this idea
Managing sessions with Delphi 6 Web services,1410,27575,00.html

or you can go with Intraweb which offer RAD development for the web
egodoycAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That is a very interesting article and also very useful. However It was written for Delphi 6, and I was asking my self if may be
Delphi 7 has no sessions build-in support yet, because as far a I know, it a very basic feature needed for developing web projects.

The idea of looking for a VCL component is very nice one, and I have taken a look at the Intraweb home page, but I really didn't find any component
that was designed to handle server-side sessions. Are you sure that any of those components can do the job ?

If there is no other choice, I will start developing my own session support guided by the article that you suggested, but I would
prefer to avoid that task and use some probe solution to concentrate on my project instead.
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Which version of Delphi you have, Pro/Ent. ?

Intraweb comes in two verisons, Page mode and App mode

in the App mode you have TUserSession, which is what you are looking for, but App mode come only with Enterprise edition of Delphi

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egodoycAuthor Commented:
You are right, the problem is that I'm using the Delphi 7 Pro.
I will see if I can get an Enterprise version which seems more adecuate to the things I doing now.

But at this moment, I can only say thank you for all your help. I think its not goinig to be ease
to buy a Enterprise Edition ($$$) soon, But I have found an alternative tool.

It's name is WebTracker v4 - Session and Security Management for Delphi ISAPI

Is a very simple to use tool and works just nice, It can be downloaded from the Borland Code Central 
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