External Display not showing DVD's

I have a LCM projector connected to my laptop's monitor port. I was testing this to see how movie files would look on a larger scale. At first I could not see anything played under Windows Media Player 10.0 or WinDVD. However a tip from another post here solved the issue of playing a .wmv file under Media Player and now the .wmv files are seen on the external display. However, a DVD still is not displayed under Media Player or WinDVD. I can see them fine on the laptop screen but not through the exteranl LCD projector. What needs to happen?
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Right Click on Desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot

and change the Hardware Acceleration to None instead of Full.

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James GoetheCommented:
Under the advanced settings for the video card, make the external monitor the primary monitor. Alot of video cards dont have the power to put out video to both int and ext cards. Check windows update for the latest video drivers.. If that doesnt work then try using only the external video port and not the laptops.
Try dropping the colour depth as well.
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This is a frequent question with our laptop users.

As stated above, some video cards cannot display to both int and ext cards.

You can see the picture on the laptop, but it is most likely just a black window on the projector. You must switch the video to just the projector. There is usually a key combo to do this on a laptop. FN + F5 will toggle through the display outputs. Switch to only the CRT(projector). If you have a movie open, you must close it before switching. Some video cards will not let you toggle the display with video intensive programs open. Sometimes 16bit plays when 32bit won't.
Close DVD program.
Switch to just the projector.
Re open the DVD program. Enjoy.

I have a laptop and projector with the same deal. I have to deal with it when playing movies on the wall too. :)
If any of the above doesn't work, it's possible you have a Macrovision protected DVD. As far as I am aware, WinDVD will not output to a 2nd display if the DVD is protected in this way. Windows Media Player uses the codec from whatever DVD player you have installed, so you will get the same issue on both WMP and WinDVD.

Is this happening with one or a few DVDs in particular or several? If there are a few that don't and some that do, the above is likely. I note you say that wmv's are playing fine on the 2nd display, so it appears to be a DVD issue.

Try an old DVD, or one you've created yourself. If this works fine, then the issue is the protection on the DVD. There are methods of getting round this, however the legality is frowned on, so I'd suggest a google search for further information on this.

This is normally an issue with analogue outputs (ie RCA video), I've not normally had this problem using an external VGA device.

If you are still having problems despite trying all the above, I would suggest trying PowerDVD to see if you are getting a similar problem.

habanagoldAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick responsed. Unfortunately, I will not be able to tes them since the LCD projector was from work and I was testing it at home last night. Will try the suggesstions after the weekend and reply and award points accordingly.
I think my answer is also warranted for points split. I have dealt with this issue at my organization dozens of times when a user has external video source such as a 2nd monitor or lcd projector.
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