How do you point an external domain name to a server inside a "dot.local" domain?


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My problem maybe simple to resove, maybe not...

I've just setup a "dot.local" domain within my network. Before it was a "" So, internaly it wasnt so hard for all internal computers to find the Webserver using the domain name used by the DNS. But since I've made that change no matter how I try to set the DNS forward lookup zones AND/OR Reverse lookup zones, the only way I can get to our web server is by using the internal IP address. If I use the original "" domain name, niet!

Also I have to mention that we are using a NO-IP service on these domains (2 actually) that points to our server inside Active Directory environnement.

Finally, my question; How can I make all internal "" request to point directly to our webserver when it is their absolute destination. (external request work just fine).
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i assume you are using windows DNS server?

is the DNS resolving host names at all?  (even external ones?  e.g.  what A records have you defined in the dns for the and dot.local zones?

SirTKCAuthor Commented:
Yes it is Windows SBS DNS

The DNS is resolving all external names in fact.

Lets work with exemples -> My network domain is "mydomain.local". Our hosted website have the domain "".
Our PDC and IIS resides in the same server on So the A record configured in the FLZ are

my-domain           Host(A)     -> (in the "net" folder within the mydomain.local)
Inside this folder (net/my-domain) I Also included
www                   Host(A)     

NOTE: I am using a 3Com Gateway that does not support NAT. BUt this role can be handled by WinSBS2k3 I assume?

Thanks for your time spent on it :-)
>> Yes it is Windows SBS DNS
>> The DNS is resolving all external names in fact.

OK, so is the server also the one with DNS server running?

Do all your client systems (and the server) have this address as the primary DNS in TCP/IP config?


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SirTKCAuthor Commented:
TCP Settings are all set to "obtain DNS server address automatically"
By doing a "ipconfig /all" at the cmd prompt on clients, we can see that is recognised as the DNS server IP Add.

Also, I tricked the DNS this morning by adding the internal domain name and its relative internal IP Address by adding this string to the Hosts file on clients   

It worked! But I am still positive that its not the way to go.
Go to your DNS Server and add a new Primary forward lookup zone of
Create a new host (A) Record of www and point its IPAddress to the Webserver
Now should resolve to the IPAddress you specified

To test it out once it is done do the following.  Go to a Workstation, Go Start -- Run -- IPCONFIG /FlushDNS

Then open the web browser and go to is should open your webpage
SirTKCAuthor Commented:
I think that we're getting there!

I followed 2hype recommendations and now I can go "" and reach the server. - it works.
But If we type "" we still have the same problem - we can't get to the our internal web site using our domain name.

Thanks for your precious help
Go back to DNS, Go to the newly create zone

Now Create another new host (A) Record, This time Leave the top Box Blank (where you typed www last time), point its IPAddress to the Webserver
Now will resolve to the IPAddress you specified

You will probally have to flush the DNS to get rid of any cached DNS on the computer

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SirTKCAuthor Commented:
Thanks a zillion both!

Learning is as good as teaching, believe me!! :-)
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