Computer not booting into Windows XP

My computer has XP Pro on it, it hands when the microsoft logo comes up. I booted into safe mode and checked the event viewer and saw this, which i believe is causing the problem.

DCOM got error "this service can not be started in safe mode. attempting to start service eventsystem with arguments."" in order to run the server.


I did some checking, and microsoft says its a ram problem, IE running low on memory. However there is nothing but Windows XP on the system and it has a 512DDR400 RAM in it. AMD 2800+ processor, wireless adapter (US ROBOTICS), and a Nvidia video card. Any ideas what could be causing my system to hang?
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DCOM needs to use port 135 if I am not mistaken.

Looks like you are blocking too many ports.

well, it could be bad ram, test it with memtest86+ from      and let it run a couple of times to be sure
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did you change anything about the configuration of the pc before it started to hang?
like any new graphic cards, applying any updates or service packs, installing any other new hardware, or moving the pc physically, esp in a car?  Or anything else?
You said you booted into safe mode and now a service cant start becuase this service cannot start in safe mode. I'm sure it would be reasonable to expect a service which cant run in safe mode not to run in safe mode.

If you changed anything, attemp a system restore, altenatively, attempt a repair install or in place upgrade.
probably a repair install can help here :      

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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
if you're tried a bunch of the stuff suggested, boot into safe mode, backup the files you need to another partition on the disk or USB flash drive or CD and just reformat the computer and reinstall winXP.  things get clogged after a while and defragmenting the hard drive just doesn't do it anymore.
How much ram does youe BIOS report? Do you have the BIOS in OS Install mode. If it is will only allow up to 256 mgs of ram to be used.
selhsAuthor Commented:
The router went down shortly before this problem. We have a wireless router. The configuartion on the router was changed to have a different sysID on it. Would disabling the wireless network card, and reinstalling it work?
and what says event1001 ?
simple fix, use your oritginal xp install disk, boot to it, choose setup xp, not repair, then when it asks if you want to repair the detected os, choose yes...
selhsAuthor Commented:
This is a really unusual event. I ended up doing the repair. The same thing occured, except if i cold boot it using the reset button, it loads up fine. It only locks up now upon the intial turning it on, then after a cold reset works fine. Very very strange thing i'm having here.
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