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Is there reasons to be concern of a visitor at your facility accessing the internet for vpn connection to his/hers corporate office?  

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BrianIT ManagerCommented:
I'm never a big fan of allowing encrypted traffic to leave my network.  The reason being is that my firewall can't inspect the packets.  It is really up to you and how comfortable you are with it.  My company doens't allow it but there are plenty that do.



ususally encrypted conections are "black holes" to your
defense systems.
any traffic can get in and out without your ability to control.

since a visitor can have  viruses , trojans or any other
goodies you dont have any control off allowing connection is usually cause for problems .

I suggest  as we do , to connect all meeting rooms wire and wireless access to the firewall DMZ . with rules allowing only internet access with no connection to the company lan .


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tcaterAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zomet

Your thought on using DMZ may be something I need to look into.  I would want to connect all wired and wireless access to that port.  However, designating a DMZ port for guest VPN traffic turn on the light bulb...:-)

tcaterAuthor Commented:

I would not want to connect all wired and wireless access to that DMZ port.
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