Forwarding mail automatically to one mailbox

Hello there,

I'm running a Windows 2003 Server SBS install with Exchange 2003 as my mail server. Basically I want all emails sent to my domain to go to one mailbox as well as whoever they were addresssed to.

For example if someone sends an email to that email goes to and

Also if someone spells it wrong and sends an email to that too goes to

If anyone can help me out that would be great!


- shaft

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tnshaftAuthor Commented:
bumped up the points to 300, need an answer fairly quickly now :(
There is no built in way of doing it.

What you need is a catch all script.

Take a look at - their free mail basket lite application might do what you want.

However are you sure that you want to do this?
You will receive an awful lot of spam and virus messages as ALL email addresses will be valid on your server. Where spam and virus messages are using made up email addresses you will receive them, they will not bounce or fail.


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tnshaftAuthor Commented:
hmm ok, that answers the every email to the domain going to an email box. is it possible to route all emails on the server to one email box? (every email that has a mailbox on the server, not spam or spelt wrong addresses)
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Do you want a copy of the messages?

If so you need to enable journaling.

Take a look at this page at Microsoft. It goes through the entire process.

You could combine it with the catch all trick and all messages will then be captured.


yes a copy of every mail can be forwarded to on email address.
Go to the active directory users and computers -> users -> username(who ever is the user) ->properties-> exchange general -> delivery options ->forward to and give the name of the user you want to forward the mail to.
tnshaftAuthor Commented:
cool thanks Sembee.
tnshaftAuthor Commented:
errr... well i clicked accept on Sembee's second answer because that was the answer to the bigger portion of the question but its accepted for the first one. *shrugs*
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