how can i change the permission

How can i change permission on files and directories in folder image , So that every user can read and write
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#first, add permissions to r/w on images folder, and all its content
chmod -R a+rwx /path/to/images
# than for each parent folder set perm to read its content
chmod a+rx /path/to
chmod a+rx /path


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shouldn't it read "chmod -R o+rx" on directories and "chmod o+r" on files?

o stands for others (all users who are not member of g=group or u=user/owner of the file)
r stands for read
x for execute

you can see the attributes of files and directories with "ls -l <file or dir>"

ls -l testfile

-rwxr--r-- 1 user group ...testfile
^ -=file l=symlink d=dir...
 ^^^ user: read+write+exec
    ^^^ group: read
       ^^^ others: read

only binaries, scripts and directories need exec rights
ah. I forgot:

chmod a+rx file/dir

the a stands for all, so the attribute read and exec will be set for user, group and others
I think the user (=owner of file/dir) should be allowed to write to his own file or directory.
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> chmod a+rx file/dir
it adds read/exec for all, however does not gets away owner write permissions. Hence the following does
chmod a=rx file/dir
you can use

chmod 777 file/dir

or if you don't want anyone change the permission but have only read write execute also
you can use

chmod 2777 file/dir

> chmod 2777
don't do that on files, just on directories. If You do that on file, and file is valid executeable, everybody, who will run it, will run it with Your/file group privileges.
On directory this will change the group of newly created files to the group owning directory.

rather do:
chmod a+t file/dir
it has almost no result on file, and on dir disallows user to delete/overwrite files that he doesn't own. Just like in /tmp directory.
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