Hi there,

I was wondering whether there is any network simulation tool that someone could download from the internet. If someone knows please reply with web address. Thanks in advance,

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I am not sure what your reasons for wanting a program like this is, but if you are studying CISCO or another networking course consider this, it isnt free however in my opinion it is the best:
Here is a demo version
And another link

I recomend you try this.

What type of network simulation?
The routersim mentioned earlier is a very good simulation of a multiple router network for testing configurations.
Or perhaps you want to test a webserver with real life simulated web traffic?
I like netsim 6.0.  It has a comprehensive network design simulator and one of the most complete Cisco command sets available.  Plus it is in beta now, so you can prepurchase for $250 instead of $700.

One of the niceties is the CLI interface uses your own telnet app so that it is like you are actually consoling with a real device.
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christosgoulasAuthor Commented:
I have already tried the Cisco tool, but basically I am looking for a tool to experiment prior to installation. This may sound stupid but I feel stupid with things that happened recently.
so you are after a tool that simulates what exactly? a domain network? a workgroup network? ip addressing? routing? what exactly is it you want to simulate about a network?...... the best way to simulate a network is to make a lesser scale one, i have at home 3 computers, one is a win2003 server and xp client and a 2k client you can pick up below average performance computers with legit OS's for quite cheap and if your lucky like me you can obtain a legit copy of Win 2003 server through a studying institution.

All up this network cost me $700.00 au, however you did ask for free, and as far as i know, i havent come accross any like this.

Acutally, one of the best investments right now is Technet+ from Microsoft.  For around $700 you get a legal, licensed copy of every single Microsoft product out there.  Server, XP, Office, about 30 different things.  You get 20+ e-training courses including some for the MCSE 2003.  Plus you get Technet.

If you are looking to develop a M$ test network, get technet+, install Virtual Server or VM Ware, and you can build an entire network on 1 box.

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