how to construct an online questionary website

I'd like to build a web questionary for my company's internal use, I plan to implement it with PHP+APACHE+MYSQL,  while I have following questions:
1. private IP or public IP, at the beginning I plan to use private IP, but i found some of my colleagues surf internet using wireless network, and they have problems to access the web which i host(i guess although the wireless network are the same IP set, actually they are different two networks,while the common LAN have no problem ), so must i provide a public IP for the web questionary? is there any good way to solve this problem?

2. any sample code package for this kind of application?

I appreciate a lot for the help provided!
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"... so must i provide a public IP for the web questionary? is there any good way to solve this problem?"

If you want your application to be reachable from the internet, you need to make it available via a public IP address.  Public IP addresses are only available to the local area network, but not on other networks.

In terms of the questionary, what do you intend to do with the collected data?  Should it be stored in a database? forwarded to someone by email?
squirrelsongAuthor Commented:
hi humeniuk:
sorry for posting my email address, thanks for your comment!
i plan to store the data in mysql database and for the result, i haven't decided how to deal with it , maybe email the result to my email box will be the most simple solution, what i want , is just print out the result of the questionary paper.
Hi squirrelsong,

My apologies.  I got distracted and lost track of this one.  I am signing off now, but will return in the morning.

Again, sorry.
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You're right that having the results emailed to you would be a bit easier, but saving the info in a database is the best way to go because it gives you the most flexibility and also power to use your data for other things, even if it simply to print a hard copy of the questonary.  Likewise, MySQL is an excellent database for web-based undertakings like this.

It is fairly simple to do what you want to do, but it requires knowledge of a server-side scripting language.  If you are going to use MySQL, your best choice is probably PHP as they work extremely well together.  If you were using MS SQL, you would be better off with ASP.

An overview of the process:

You create the questionary as a form on your website.  People fill out the form and submit the results.  It is the server-side scripting (ie. PHP) that connects to the database and generates & sends a query that inserts the data into the appropriate table in your database.  You can also use PHP to insert the data and then send you a notification email or even an email with the questionary results that you can print for your hard copy.

You can also use forms and PHP (in a secure administrative section of your website in this case) to generate reports in whatever format you need.  For example, you can use PHP to script a query that can output a percentage of how many people responding like blue better than red.

I hope this is what you were looking for.  If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to ask.

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squirrelsongAuthor Commented:
thanks humeniuk, your answer is  in very detail and helpful, i will accept it as the answer for this topic, by the way, anybody got an idea about where should i post a question on developing a 'call center' system? i have surf to network section but there are only video conference topic area which is also quite different with what i am looking for.
Happy to be able to help and thanks for the A.

In terms of your 'call center' system, I'm not sure what the best topic area would be.  One option would be to ask for advice in Community Support (http:/Community_Support/).
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