How do I change the shell settings of one user ?

How do I change the shell settings of one user ?
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You mean You want to change the shell for particular user?
chsh -s /bin/tcsh username
where /bin/tcsh You may replace with user's favorite shell.
Oh, and in addition to the above, the /bin/tcsh must be listed in
MaRiOsGRAuthor Commented:
No i mean the shell settings like the enviroment variables, for a specific user.
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MaRiOsGRAuthor Commented:
Anyone ?

Edit the /etc/profile this is where you can set enviroment variables. Also check /etc/skel
> Edit the /etc/profile this is where you can set enviroment variables. Also check /etc/skel
Hence /etc/profile is executed for each user is logging in.
And even if You set some variables there, user will be able to override them. But If You set some limits there, ther's no way back.

As I said, user can overwrite env vars, as he owns them. (and he can do it in
$HOME/.bash_profile $HOME/.bashrc $HOME/.profile - read the documentation to know when which is executed)

If You still want to do in /etc/profile, then You could do something like:
if [ _$USER = "_username1" ]; then
 code for the user1
elif [ [ _$USER = "_username2" ]; then
 code for user2

the /etc/skel/ is a directory, which is copied to user home directory while creating new user, and has not much to do with this matter.

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/etc/profile sets for all users.
But each user also has their own profile. It will be $HOME/.profile for sh, ksh, bash, and other sh-derivatives. It will be $HOME/.login for csh, tcsh, and other csh-derivatives.
MaRiOsGRAuthor Commented:

I just found that the user has no ssh access :

psaadm:x:502:500:Plesk user:/usr/local/psa/admin:/bin/false

its a user created by plesk panel..
Same problem as on the su question :D
who gets the points?
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