learning java from scratch

Can anyone recommend an online class for learning java programming from scratch?
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http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/index.html From the source of Java itself :-)

Also, when you start to advance a bit, you'll certainly find much of the other content at the Sun Java website extremely useful: http://java.sun.com/  (Especially the API Spec: http://java.sun.com/reference/api/index.html).

Mind you, nothing quite beats a good Book -- to which I can strongly recommend "Teach Yourself Java 2 [latest] edition in 21 days".

Good luck.

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shilpi84Author Commented:
thanks rob can u also recommend an online class for java having an instructor because such classes have bn beneficial for me in the past.
Are you willing to pay for it?
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shilpi84Author Commented:
shilpi84Author Commented:
also please give me tips for learning java effectively i just finished with my c++ course and i m not very confident about c++.
to learn java effectively? try to solve all the question available after a lesson. some of those questions are very tricky and is good to practice your programming logic.
you have to learn the basic and be strong in it, only then when u face the real problem in your work, you will be able to analyze and come out with a solution. and if the problem is too hard, drop a questions here (EE) ;)

i strongly recommend http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/index.html as starting point. it has every details that you might want to learn.

good luck to you in learning Java.
Okay; I personally haven't ever used one before - so a recommendation from me would be pointless (and quite impossible).

I do know however, that 'Objects' (Mick Barry), who is the leading Java Developer on this site (http://www.experts-exchange.com/M_351356.html) offers the service of personal tutoring ... may want to check out his site.

Other than that, you'll probably be best to just sit tight and wait for some of the other guys to see this thread (and hopefully make some recommendations) ... assuming you can't find much on Google (I'm certainly having difficulty finding very much that looks good).

> "also please give me tips for learning java effectively i just finished with my c++ course and i m not very confident about c++"
It's a shame that the C++ course didn't work out too much for you. If you understand the main concepts of OOP, which I'm sure you picked up with C++, then you should pick up on Java quite easily. The syntax is easy (very similar to C++, except easier; for example, James Gosling (the creator of Java) decided to scrap pointers, and other messy things that he didn't like about C++) ..

Tips for learning Java effectively.... hmm.... don't give up with it really, untill you're comfortable with it. When I first started, I found it so difficult to understand certain things, like 'static', and how to use Threads, etc.. It was quite discouraging - but I stuck it out, and I'm very glad that I did.. even though I didn't know what half of the stuff ment (even though I'd read it 50 times in a book) I kept trying to use it all, taking code snippets from other sites, and trying to glue it all together....

It's 2 years later now, and Java is my first choice language - 100%. I'm confident with the java language, and am starting to really get the hang of the Java Library (which is basically the Java equivalent to things like "windows.h", "iostream.h", etc, in C++).

So .. don't give up is the only realy advice I can give you! :)
btw, you don't need to put in so many points for a question like this ;)
shilpi84Author Commented:
i wanted many replies for a question like this:)
Confidence comes from practice.  Effective learning comes from an organized, layered, plan that handles each issue you need to learn building one layer of knowledge on top of another.

If are in need of a tutor -- a person to organize such a plan for you -- I can offer myself, although Objects does have more points. ;)
shilpi84Author Commented:
thanks doronb for the offer but how and when r u going 2 start?
Are you asking where I'd start with tutoring you?  Or where would I start learning by myself?
shilpi84Author Commented:
i do not repeat my questions dornob.thanks for ur guidance though
I'm sorry if I upset you shilpi84, that wasn't my intention, I was just confused about your question.

I am available right away and can start tutoring using MSN/Yahoo/ICQ.

Please view my profile to get more information.
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