Are Outlook Express Mail Rules case-sensitive

Something I am not sure about when setting up new rules in Outlook Express 6 running in Win98se.

Tools > Message Rules > Mail > "Mail Rules" tab.

I know how to set up the rules, and am using specific words to identify content in the message body and subject lines, but I am not sure whether I need to add several permutations with Title case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase to catch all instances of the variations used.

Does anyone know with certainty whether the rules ARE case-sensitive?
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yes the rules are case sensitive ...
2>Words should be carefully chosen because messages will be filtered based on partial matches to these words.  Example:  “it” will remove messages containing the word “it” as well messages that have words containing “it” such as “itself” or “hit”.  Filters are also case sensitive so “It” will not filter messages containing “it”

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BillDLAuthor Commented:
Thank you for that, sajuks.  That's definitive enough for me, although a bit dissappointing. The key words in repetative spam are deliberately created to avoid rules, eg:  PrEscrIpTIOn drUGs.  Just an example, of course, but they are hard to filter out.
You could use SpamAssassin to make sure the rules are case insensitive...
BillDLAuthor Commented:
A coincidence that you mention SpamAssassin, sajuks.

Only yesterday I was on the verge of asking a question while reading one of the email headers from some persistent spam.  (Right-Click > Properties > "Details" tab > "Message Source" button).

My ISP prefixes subject lines of suspected spam with ***SPAM***, and that makes it very easy to set up a mail rul to delete all emails with ***SPAM*** in the subject line from the mail server.  I was surprised that my ISP hadn't caught some of the persistent ones, because they contain some very typical spammy content, and I noticed the following lines in the header just before the message body:

X-me-spamlevel: not-spam
X-me-spamrating: 58.169263

It got me wondering whether it was MY isp that added the "not-spam" line, or if there was a way that the sender added it to fool filters.  From what I discovered, the lines are added by SpamAssassin (or software based on it) at my isp.  I intended to look into it and bookmarked for future reference.

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