CFFILE Read Issue From Mapped Drive

I am having real problems trying to work this one out !!

I have a folder called profiles on a server ( which is fedora core3 with samba, READ Permission Only for user jimmy)

I have a CFMX6.1 Server ( Windows 2003 Web Edition)

I have mapped a Drive(P:\) on the CFMX server to point to \\\profiles and specified a username and password for it in the mapped drive options (jimmy, password)

I can open the mapped drive from the CFMX servers mycomputer and open up the xml files no problem within the mapped drive

However when i try to use the cffile tag within coldfusion i get the following errors:  -

With this code:  -
<cffile action="read" file="P:\ins00000304.xml" variable="myxml">

I get this error:  -

An error occurred when performing a file operation read on file P:\ins00000304.xml.  
The cause of this exception was: P:\ins00000304.xml (The system cannot find the path specified).  

With this code: -
<cffile action="read" file="\\\profiles\ins00000304.xml" variable="myxml">

I get this error: -

An error occurred when performing a file operation read on file \\\profiles\ins00000304.xml.  
The cause of this exception was: \\\profiles\ins00000304.xml (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password).  

I am logged into the CFMX server with the local admin account (administrator,password)
I have tried setting up an account with (Jimmy,password) on the CFMX server but this made no difference !?

Running out of ideas on how to overcome this issue ?!


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Well, the second error makes sense because you aren't passing any logon info to the CFFILE. If your coldfusion user account doesn't have permission to the folder then you can't get to it. If you are using the local admin account, you will need to give that account permissions on the folder. The other server won't trust the other local coldfusion admin by default.
jturkingtonAuthor Commented:
im confused , the coldfusion server service runs under the local system account by default, it should have nothing to do with the local admin account ?!?

The CFFILE should work even when the CFMX server is sitting at the CTRL ALT DEL login page of windows with nobody logged in ??  right ?


This is possible using UNC path or mapped drive. BUT you have to run CF service under a named account that has permissions to access that other computer.
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CF runs under and account, you can see this when you open up SERVICES and double click the coldfusion entry, this acocunt needs to have access to the drive you are trying to access.
jturkingtonAuthor Commented:
Tried setting the run as account under coldfusion server service to jimmy but it messed up coldfusion starting, what permission levels does the user account need to run the coldfusion server service happily , local admin, power user etc...


why not leave that as it is and add the account cf is running under to the mapping, BUT also to the file system the mapping is to.
jturkingtonAuthor Commented:
EHH ??

The Coldfusion Server Service is running as the LOCAL system Account by default !

Is this the same as the local admin account  of the server ? (Slightly Confused on this one ?)


Administrator account of that machine.
As I originally said and Tacobell stated, don't mess with the cf server with this Jimmy business. Grant permission for the Coldfusion admin account to access the folder. This is by far the easiest method. Have you tried adding 'admin of computername' to the folder on the other server as a reader/writer? There is no reason for the other server to trust your coldfusion server local admin, it could be from a different company for all it knows. If you were running domain level admin accounts or created a domain level user account for coldfusion then you would have an easier time managing configs because you could properly group that bad boy as a domain admin.

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You know the MS way - always grant permissions to groups, not to users :)
Mapped drives are specific to the currently logged in user. That's why UNC paths are much better in this case as they don't require the user to be actively logged in to work.

ie:   \\servername\sharename\filename

<cffile action="read" file="\\servername\profiles\ins00000304.xml" variable="myxml">

I just ate at tacobell.
LOL =)
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