machine_check_exception bsod

Hey  EEr's, I build a pc with these specs at Xmas, Asus A8V Dekuxe mobo, AMD 64bit 3400+,Thermaltake cooling on cpu, 3% overclock, MSI Geforce 6800 GT 256, 1 gig Corsair VR ram, Ultra 500 watt ps, Sony dvdrw_+ 19" lcd. I have since gone back to standard(no overclock) on the cpu.  I was trying to reinstall XP on a 40 gig partition (120gighd) and got this error, "machine_check_exception 0x0000009c, 0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00070f0f". Now when I boot  it starts to install & get to 32 minutes left and I get the bsod, with the same error. I have removed everything but 1 hd, 1 stick of ram, video card, which I hace switched to see if it was bad. Thing was when I tried to run memtest it wouldn't boot from the floppy. I switched the bios to floppy first. I also had a 200 gig that got an error to replace slave hard drive do to "imminent failure" a few weeks ago. I removed the hard drive and haven't replasced it yet. The reason I was trying to reinstall xp was it wouldn't boot, only in safe mode, do to Windows saying I had changed my configuration and had to reactive. When I selected yes to reactivate it would freeze. The only thing I changed was one dvd player for another, which I have since removed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any
more info just yell "hey Ed"                                                        Thanx  Ed
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You can download the UBCD which includes memtest, so you could boot from there:

Also make sure the CPU is cooled properly, as the error you get above can be caused by bad cooling, overclocking, bad ram or other bad hardware (according to M$).
I suspect one of two things, both hardware related:

1) Bad RAM.  This is far and away the most likely problem in my opinion.  MEMTEST86 often does not show a problem but you may want to run it anyway.  If it does show a problem, there is a 100% chance that the memory is bad.  If not, you still may have a memory problem.  Try swapping the memory out.

2) Bad hardware device including the motherboard.  Could be just about anything in the system.  If there are any devices you can remove that may help you diagnose this problem.

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You may have a problem with your CMOS, since you seem to have consistent problems booting from any device.  Try resetting it with the jumper on the motherboard.  Also check if you knocked the cables loose or put them in backwards, for both the floppy and hard drives.
BIOS, possibly, but from sysmptoms described would suspect motherboard itself or CPU as culprit.  Too many things going awry to be anything but one of those 3 in my opininon.  Mobos have a much higher failure rate than CPUs do, so mobo is primary suspect.
EtrixAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, I'm at work and I'll be home at 3pm and will try the suggestions and get back to you.                       Thanks again  Ed
EtrixAuthor Commented:
Well this is strange. I took out 1 stick of ram and the install went fine. I added my hardware one salve drive, dvd, SB Audigy ZS2,MSI Geforce 6800GT, all ok. Then I took out the the good ram and tried what I thought was the bad ram and it worked fine. I put the good ram back in so both are in and you guessed it, runs great. The only thing I changed was to put good ram in a1 and bad in b1, so I swapped them and for now it is working. I've played games HL2, Doom3,Pariah, and used apps like Powerpoint, Paint Shop Pro. Vegas. What the heck happened here, anyone have any ideas.?  I am keepng my fingers crossed, but I think I will be back here soon. Thanks for all your help. Both  rindi & jhance suggested memory so I split the points.  Thanx Ed
Thanks too. Often the RAM isn't seated properly in the slots, so by taking it out and later putting it back inside, resolved that problem. Sometimes the slots are bad too, and by moving the RAM to a good slot can also help.
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