Native Library ...\ocijdbc9.dll already loaded in another classloader

from netbeans I've build a very simple jsp page that does nothing but connect to a db (using oci) and then disconnect. Sometimes it hangs saying the things in the question title... what should I do?

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If you are using an old version of java (< 1.4)This is a known bug of java and will not be fixed, see here

You could try making the loading static or using the thin driver which does not have the native dependency.
ezraelAuthor Commented:
I'm using 1.5...  what is the loading static?
I also have tried with thin driver, but it isn't able to establish connection between my server and my client... dunno why.
ezraelAuthor Commented:
perhaps I simply have to shut down something when I leave the page?
I do only conn.clos(), perhaps the library need something else to do?
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ezraelAuthor Commented:
IT COULD BE AN ANSWER: I get the error after the application hangs for some other reason, maybe netbeans is unable to unload the library/close the connection and so the library remains loaded in memory...

...could it be an answer?

If you try to load the file and it is already in memory then it will cause this issue. You can either try to only load the file in the init() method of the jsp (which is jspInit())

<%! public void jspInit() { ... } %>

or you could put the code fragement in a static block
    //blah, load file

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ezraelAuthor Commented:
I load the library doing this:


should I try with

static {


yep, either that (see here or put it in the jspInit() method as I described above
ezraelAuthor Commented:
ok, it runs with static method, but this is only a turnaround for making some tests on connections... until I'll be able to connect via a dbcp! could you help?
I've an open question here:

Thank you so much!
Okay, thanks and I'll have a look
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