MSDOS time/date encoding in php

Hi all

I am trying to set the last modified date/time of individual files in a zip

According to the specification (, date/time
are two bytes each, and use standard msdos date/time encoding.

Does anybody have a clue to this?

With kind regards

X_terminat_or_3 aka Ramses
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I think you meant
As for your question, have a look here:
you might try contacting the guy at sourceforge about modifying the date
Also have a look here

sorry I cant be of more help,

x_terminat_or_3Author Commented:
Yeah that's the class I used as base to extend.

I don't have time to wait for the author to update his class, and I am quite capable of implementing the encoding once I get the details...
x_terminat_or_3Author Commented:
The url you posted does not work
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Strange, it still works for me. This is the same code:

The stuff you want should be right at the top after the variable declarations: the unix2DosTime method and the addFile method.


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x_terminat_or_3Author Commented:
Thanks my man!

MS DOS Date Time Format

There is two additional data types witch place is here.  MS DOS Date format and MS DOS Time format.

MS-DOS date
A date in the format used by MS-DOS. The date is a packed 16-bit (2 bytes) value in which bits in the value represent the day, month, and year.

MS-DOS time
A time in the format used by MS-DOS. The time is a packed 16-bit (2 bytes) value in which bits in the value represent the hour, minute, and second.

so msdos date time is 32 bits (4 bytes - 2 bytes(16 bits) for time and 2 bytes for date)

first 16 bits ( 1st byte)

0-4 - seconds
5-10 - minutes
11-15 -hours

second 16 bits

16-20  day (1 -31)
21-24 month (1-12)
25-31 year ( number of years since 1980) ==> so you get a year by addin 1980 to value of this 4 bits

x_terminat_or_3Author Commented:
Thank you for your comment.  Sorry but it seems like you were just one minute too late....
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