Mirror Option Greyed Out in Disk Management

I am trying to set up a Raid 1 Mirror in SBS 2003 but the option in disk management is greyed out. I have made the disk containing the operating system to a dynamic disk and followed the instructions to set up a mirror to a second disk but the option to carry it out just isn't there.

I am using software rather than hardware raid but must be doing something wrong here. Should the second disk be dynamic or basic and should it be formatted or not.

I am bamboozled...

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Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
the second disk should be dynamic as well
dercossAuthor Commented:
I'll try that..

dercossAuthor Commented:
No luck. The options for mirroring a disk just aren't available..

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The two disks need to be equal in size...

Here is a document that shows screen shots on how to do this...maybe it will help:  http://thelazyadmin.com/2005/02/mirroring-drives-in-windows-2003.htm

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dercossAuthor Commented:
I see what it says but there just isn't an option to "add mirror" available. It's greyed out...

The first disk containing the operating system must be equal or smaller in size compared to the second disk.  If the second disk does not have at least the same amount of space, the mirror can not be created.

Also, if this is an evaluation version of small business server, I've read (but don't have any first hand knowledge of) that you will not be able to create mirrors.

You also need to have local administrator rights to do this...

Also, you need to make sure that you don't have any sector errors on the C:\ drive...although, Disk Administrator would not grey out the option to add mirror...if this was the case...so, I don't think this applies to you.  You can run chkdsk c: /f to check for errors anyway if you want..
dercossAuthor Commented:
Problem solved... I had tried and failed on an earlier attempt and that seemed to have left a record in the boot.ini file. Deleting this solved the problem...


I also found that rebooting and setting the disk type to be MBR disk 9convert to MBR disk) did the trick (as opposed to GPT disk).
In Disk Management, reformat disk 1 and then DELETE the volume.  That leaves all space on Disk 1 as UNALLOCATED (that's what it MUST be) - the unallocated space must be equal to, or greater than, the space on Disk 0.  Once that is done, Add Mirror will no longer be grayed out.    
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