Interfacing with an anonymous COM


First off, im a relative noob in regards to c++. Im a java programmer and a c++ hacker! i can make stuff work in c++ but im sure it aint pretty!

Scope of my issue;
My Java application needs to communicate with this COM object.

Obvious solution is using java JNI (Java Native Interface).
The procedure is, that you include some header in a cpp project that was autogenerated by the JNI tool, and thus makes a wrapper that communicates with the COM dll.

My problem starts right there.
In Visual Studio 2003, i have added the COM as a reference to my managed DLL project, but im unable to *use it*.
I do not have a lib or a header to go along with the COM.
I've used dumpbin to get an idea of what methods are available

I have a
#import "C:\\Programmer\\update.interface BTB 3.5\\MMInterfaceLib.dll"

wich yields a c1083 "cannot open type library". error. dunno if this is needed or not!

I have tried

      hr=pCf->CreateInstance(NULL,IID_IUnknown,(void**) &pUnk);

wich does plain out not work!


     hInstLib = LoadLibrary("mmInterface.dll");

wich does give me a reference, but alas, the rest of the method signature is unknown to me !

I've found some sites that describes a way to hack together a lib ... but while im allready in over my head, taking this step is sure to drown me at this moment....
Also, the login method i wanna execute is returning a complex type (struct i assume), wich i have no structural clue ablout! (except for seeing it briefely in some C# code weeks ago)

Ideas, suggestions ?

Please !!!!!! ...

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In java to use a com component(u donot need to use JNI and functions like LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress).

U need to use typelibrary  wizard in java and select .tlb which inturn generates some wrappers of java.

It generates some thing like this for example.

public class sum extends java.lang.Object


public interface ISum extends


hope this will help u.
>>wich yields a c1083 "cannot open type library"

It seems that the DLL/TLB is not correctly registered on your system. Try

regsvr32 "C:\Programmer\update.interface BTB 3.5\MMInterfaceLib.dll"

on the command line

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CyTGAuthor Commented:
hemakumar -> im googling it, i assume that typlibrary is a product ? yet im having little success in locating this utility!

jkr -> I have infact allready done that, yet the result is what i described in my original post. Just to be sure that i havent fumbled along the way, i'll do it again (the dll comes with an installation wizard that does this for you, when it didnt work, i tried regsvr32 and it didnt improve the situation, as i recall, but ill give it another shot!)
CyTGAuthor Commented:
java type library -> javatlb -> VisualJ++ ... we're not developing in VS, however we do have some .net devs in the building (our setup is sun-java intellij idea, and a three tier model swing->j2ee(ejbs,webservices etc)->oracle.

But reading about it sounds promising!!

ill at latest monday with my results :)

Thx guys !!!!!!
CyTGAuthor Commented:
actually, the specifics about the wrapper were flawed, jkr were right ...
when so many steps are new/unknown/first time, im bound to make these typo-like-mistakes...

Thanks for the first round :)
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