insert text into textfield (with javascript)

hi experts :)

I have a text field with some text in it. I need the javascript to insert some text in the point of the text field where the cursor is.


<form name="form1" action="">

<input type="text" name="textfield" value="">

<a href="javascript:textfield.value='my text text text'">Insert the text</a>

The code above just replace the text in the textfield while i need to ADD it.

Thanks! 2000 points to who get the solution :)
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Check this:

<a href="javascript:textfield.value+='my text text text'">Insert the text</a>

//try this
<a href="#" onclick= "document.form1.textfield.value+='my text text text';return false;">Insert the text</a>
You can also do:

<a href="#" onclick="textfield.value+='my text text text';">Insert the text</a>

no point is necessary for me.
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morpheus3gAuthor Commented:
both two adds the text always at the end of the textfield while i need to insert the text in the exactly point where the cursor is .. even if there's already text before and after...
//would work only for IE credit to  lil_puffball
var range=null;
function insert(char){if(range){range.text=char;}}
<form name="form1" action="">

<input type="text" name="textfield" value="" onkeyup="range=document.selection.createRange();" onfocus="range=document.selection.createRange();">

<a href="#" onclick="insert('my text text text');return false">Insert the text</a>


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How can I insert text at the caret(cursor) position of a text field/text area?
morpheus3gAuthor Commented:
sorry but i need something cross-browser...
morpheus3gAuthor Commented:
will it get better if i use a text area instead of a text field ?
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Please all use return false onClick!!!
What browsers are you including in "Cross-browser".

The reason I'm asking... this is liikely not possible in netscape 4.x,  as well as earlier versions of other browsers.
morpheus3gAuthor Commented:
IE6 and Firefox
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