Forwarding in DNS

I want to forward the domain name to the website of

heres the table of :

$TTL 86400
@ IN SOA (

If u open it redirects u to a page.
If u open wont go to the previous page but to the page that opens with ip
but i just want to type and go straight to page
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Your DNS entries look OK to me. You must have set something on your webserver which further directs to your internal virtual webserver. Depending on what type of webserver you are using you will have to change the settings there.
MaRiOsGRAuthor Commented:
Something like what ?
I run apache 2

Is there any option about forwarding that should be in the named.conf file ?
No, your DNS seems OK to me, I can run a dig on both your addresses and get the same IP back, so that goes to your server, so you shouldn't need to change anything in named.

I don't know apache, but there must be some setting there which redirects the request to the correct folder. Maybe the following link may get you on the right track:
If you have a virtualhost setup in apache... apache matches the domain name to the directory.  if is a virtual host with a different document root, navigating to will not match and not go to the correct document root.  Not sure if this is your problem, but just one scenario that may be happening.

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MaRiOsGRAuthor Commented:
Things are getting more complicated here..

Look im running Plesk 7.5.3 on Red Hat.

the box has 2 DNS servers running.
The 1st one is controled by Plesk for the dns services of it's domains.
and the second is build by me,to run only for forwarding proposes.

The webforward domain is hosted on plesk and its pointing in the page of i does not exist as a "domain" or "client" or anything else on the plesk panel.
I've just added the zone files and everything else on the 2nd DNS server.

the conclusion is that I have to find how to I define "default Domain IP" in plesk,
or something like that...
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