Cannot Close a CDialog Box immediately when focus is on an inner CEdit control

I have the following dialog box -

1.  My outer dialog box is standard and is derived from CDialog
2.  It contains a CListBox control
3.  There is a CEdit control that appears over each row of the CListbox as the user is editing a series of numbers (the user has to enter a series of numbers in order down a column)

If the user clicks the Cancel button to get out he or she has to click it twice.  The first time takes the focus away from the CEdit control.  The second time the cancel is actually processed and the dialog box closes.

How do I get around this so that the first click on the cancel button closes the dialog?

-Philip T
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Is the CEdit control a standard CEdit or one you have customised?
Do you have any code that responds to the cancel button?
You could catch the loss of focus to the edit/list control using the WM_SETFOCUS message, then, if the mouse was clicked over your dialog (or a control in the dialog) resend the mouse click with the SendInput function.

Hope this helps.
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
This is a standard CEdit control.  I have not added any code that responds to the Cancel button or any other button.  To the best of my knowledge the CEdit control is therefore responding in the normal way to mouseclicks.
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
Could you go into a little more detail about how to use the WM_SETFOCUS message?  I tried going into ClassWizard to generate a funcion that uses it but it did not come up in the list of WM_ messages.  My list goes straight from WM_SETCURSOR to WM_SHOWWINDOW.

-Philip T.
Well, you have a CEditControl over a CListBox.  Since the CListBox does not make a CEdit control itself, you must have added code to display that.  When you create the CEdit, is the parent window the CListBox or the CDialog?

And you are right, the WM_SETFOCUS message does not seem to be in the class wizard (I'm surprised I never noticed that).  It does exist, though, and is the opposite of the WM_KILLFOCUS message that is in the list.  There is an ON_WM_SETFOCUS macro for the message list, and the prototype for the functions it calls is

afx_msg void OnSetFocus(CWnd* pOldWin);

So you can add it by hand.

You probably want the prototype to do something like

void CMyDialog::OnSetFocus(CWnd* pOldWin)
    // If the old window was the edit control
    if (GetDlgCtrl(IDC_LISTBOXEDITCONTROL) == pOldWin)
        CRect rcWindow;
        CPoint ptMouse;

        if (rcWindow.PtInRect(ptMouse))
            INPUT mouseInput;
            ::setmem(&mouseInput, 0, sizeof(mouseInput));
            mouseInput.type = INPUT_MOUSE;
            mouseInput.mi.dx = ptMouse.x;
            mouseInput.mi.dy = ptMouse.y;
            mouseInput.mi.dwFlags = MOUSEEVENTF_ABSOLUTE | MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN;
            ::SendInput(1, &mouseInput, sizeof(mouseInput));

You may need to modify this if right clicks cause a focus loss too.  Especially since this could select a context menu item if there is one.  But this is the general idea.

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